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Clinic - Criminal Defense and Advocacy

Clinic - Criminal Defense & Advocacy Criminal Defense & Advocacy Clinic projects vary each semester. In past semesters, students have represented individuals facing misdemeanor criminal charges in New York City Criminal Courts. Clinic clients are charged with prostitution and other offenses in both traditional and diversion, or problem-solving, courts. Students will navigate all aspects of the adjudication of the criminal case with clients including interviewing, conducting investigations, developing mitigation,coordinating resources and referrals to partner organizations, engaging in plea negotiations and advocating at trial and sentencing. Other projects include working with survivors of human trafficking seeking post-conviction relief and other victims of gender-based violence who have faced criminal prosecution in clemency and sentence reduction efforts. Clinic cases will focus on how gender impacts the criminal legal process and encourage critical intersectional analysis. Seminar (2 credits). A weekly seminar accompanies the clinic. The seminar will introduce essential lawyering skills, ethical issues in representation, and substantive criminal law and procedure. Additionally, in the seminar students will identify best practices in client-centered and collaborative representation. Through reading, observing, simulating, critiquing and reflecting, students will gain a deeper understanding of the role of the lawyer in individual and systemic advocacy, explore notions of gender justice, and confront larger questions about the criminal legal system.