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Hone your legal skills in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and client counseling

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Honor Society (“ADRHS”) is Brooklyn Law School’s distinguished accredited honors organization that prepares students for success in the newest trend in the legal profession. Students participate in alternative dispute resolution competitions across the country in various areas of the law, such as the intellectual property negotiation, international mediation, baseball arbitration, and the securities law triathlon.

Students hone their legal skills in preparation for competitions in four areas of alternative dispute resolution: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and client counseling. Preparation for competitions through written briefs and contracts, and simulations allows students to gain experience in a unique skill set that allows them to become a better advocate for their client and a more creative problem solver.

These particular legal skills are essential to becoming a successful attorney and universally applicable to all practices of the law. Students may earn academic credit for participating in competitions and for coaching other competitors.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Honor Society
Brooklyn Law School’s ADRHS students ABA Arbitration team qualified for Nationals

2020-2021 Executive Board

Rob Butlien

Vice President, Administrative Affairs
Sarah Meyers

Vice President, Competitive Affairs
Susan Kritzmacher

Business Affairs Coordinator
Kerry Jensen

Competition Coordinator
Zachary Kotin

Tryout Coordinators
Elizabeth Steinborn
Olivia Rose

Patrick K. Lin

1L Outreach Coordinator
Tom Emmons

Alumni Chair
Mark Bhuptani

2020-2021 ADRHS Members

Returning Members

Alexa Bennett
Ryan Blum
Lance Bond
Ama Bonsu
Jonathan Callaway
Hyanna Cardoso
Jill Davis
Marcelle M. Little Dawes
Tal Edri
Drew Fryhoff
Nicholas Fuchs
Jordan Johnson
Patrick Kelly
Missy Ronan
Matthew Ryan
Nicholas Sarnelli
Eliza Simons
Noelle Stone
Katherine Teng
Henry Thomson-Smith
Ryan Vassar

New Members

Hadel Alfagir
Cara Anstey
Taylor Arluck
Sam Bhat
Allie Bravi
Austin R. Dowdle
Jospeh Famulari
Megan Feeney
Vincent Feng
Michael Fielder
Shawn M. Garry
Gehan Ghanem
Victoria Glass
Spencer Goodson
Gus Ipsen
Meghan Johnke
Madeleine Knutson
Sari Kreutzer
Dan Landau
Jahi Liburd
Camille Mangiaratti
Michael Meyers
Alexandra Noetzel
Dominika Peko
Yaroslav Radtsevch
Eric Raff
Alex Rahmanan
Angelina Sanchez
Sydney Segal
Samantha Shoff
Nadiya Singh
Evan Tancil
Hasan A. Tariq
Amanda Yang
Xinxin Zhou
Audrey Ziari

Award-Winning Teams

2020 ABA Arbitration Regional Competition

First Place
Allie Bravi, Daniel Landau, Evan Tancil, and Megan Feeney
Coach: Jill Davis and Missy Ronan

Alex Rahmanan, Tom Emmons, Spencer Goodson, and Meghan Johnke
Coach: Pat Kelly and Katherine Teng

Olivia Rose, Xinxin Zhou, Jahi Liburd, and Sari Kreutzer
Coach: Susan Kritzmacher and Eliza Simons

2019 UHLC National Mediator Competition
First Place
Jordan Johnson
Coach: Noelle Stone

2019 International Chamber of Commerce Competition
Distinction for the Performance of a Team from a University Participating in the Competition for the First Time
Rob Price, Justin Heller, Taylor Bleistein
Coach: Danielle Robinson

2019 New York Law School Intellectual Property Law Negotiation Competition
First Place
Ryan Blum and Matthew Ryan
Coach: Mitchell Bower

Third Place
Diego Gomez and Sarah Meyers
Coach: Katherine Wilcox


2019 ABA Arbitration Regional Competition
First Place
Lance Bond, Jill Davis, Missy Ronan and Eliza Simons
Coaches: Nick Carra, Montene Speight and Joshua Sycoff

2019 Judith S. Kaye Arbitration Competition
“Best Opening” and “Best Direct” Awards
Katherine Teng, Patrick Kelly, Susan Kritzmacher
Coaches: Taylor Bleistein, Danielle Robinson and Emilia Foto

Honor Society Tryouts

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Honor Society Tryouts take place in the spring semester during February or March. This highly competitive mock negotiation will determine who will be invited to join the society for the following competition year.

The tryout competition is comprised of two separate rounds of multi-party negotiations that will be judged by current ADRHS members. Participants will be sent a general fact pattern and respective private facts depending on the party that they will be assigned to represent. Participants will be told certain concessions their clients have authorized and certain demands they need to meet on behalf of their client. Performance will be scored on a rubric that considers factors such as professionalism and ethics, comprehension of client’s goals, and ability to work alongside other negotiating parties. Participants will be e-mailed the rubric prior to their tryout.

The number of students admitted to join ADRHS vary based on the society’s competition needs for the following year. Typically, ADRHS offers memberships to those who score in the top 15% of all participants.

Contact ADHRS for more info:

Transfer Students

Transfer students may be eligible for membership in ADRHS in the competition year for which they matriculate at Brooklyn Law School. Transfer students who are interested in becoming members may inquire to ADRHS at

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