How does the Career Development Center work with me?

Upon entering Brooklyn Law School, we assign you to one of our counselors who will work with you throughout your two, three or four years here, and beyond. We encourage you to meet with your counselor in individual counseling sessions at least once each semester. If a student is interested in public secter work, he or she can work with the Public Service Law Center, in addition to his/her assigned Career Development Center counselor.


Do students get positions outside of New York during the summer and upon graduation?
Yes. Counselors work one-on-one with students on tailored job searches, not only by practice area but geographic area as well.  In addition, reciprocity services with law schools outside of New York are available to students. 


If my resume lacks substantive experience, how can I compete for internships compared with other students with more experience?

There are many opportunities to build your resume during your first year by doing small pro bono projects through the robust pro bono program developed by the Public Service Law Center.


Where can I expect to work for my first year summer? Will I get paid?

First-year students generally intern for state and federal judges, government agencies, public secter organizations, district attorney offices, corporations, and small law firms. For eligible employers, Brooklyn Law School provides a public service grant for the summer.  Students may also work for credit depending on the employer.


Does Brooklyn Law School's Career Development Center have a reciprocity policy?

Services are available to students and graduates in good standing of ABA accredited law schools outside the New York City Metropolitan Area that allow Brooklyn Law School students and/or graduates to use their facilities. For more details, please read our Reciprocity Policy. Brooklyn Law School regrets that it cannot offer its services to students and graduates of New York Metropolitan Area law schools.

Further questions? Please contact:

Career Development Center
Telephone: (718) 780-7963

Email: career@brooklaw.edu