Compete in mock trials and strengthen your advocacy skills

Brooklyn Law School’s Moot Court Honor Society is one of the most distinguished and accomplished moot court programs in the country. Students in the Trial Advocacy Division and the Appellate Advocacy Division compete in over thirty competitions across the United States and overseas. These competitions span all areas of the law, from family law to criminal procedure to constitutional law to international law. Year after year, students win individual awards for outstanding oral and written advocacy, as well as group awards for winning competitions and advancing to quarter-final, semi-final and final rounds.

In addition to providing students with substantial opportunities to strengthen their advocacy skills, Moot Court Honor Society provides ample opportunities for personal growth and leadership, including coaching and serving on the Executive Board. Further, members who are selected to serve on the Executive Board receive scholarship funding during the 3L/3P/4P year in which they hold a position on the Executive Board.

2024-2025 Executive Board and National Teams

Executive Board

Dylan Diamond

Vice Presidents - Appellate Advocacy
Taylor Faulds
Laine Cohen

Vice President - Trial Advocacy
Taylor Seymour

Prince Competition Coordinator
Carly Hecht

Appellate Coordinator
Emma Fuchs

Trial Coordinator
Matt Glogower

Laurie Davis

Outreach Chair
Krista Doherty

Appellate Advocacy National Teams

NYC Bar I & II Teams
Julie Hung
Jade Polanco

ABA Nationals
Evan Oliver
Olivia Perkins

Vis International Arbitration Team

Kennedy Aldrich
Kyle Suba Crawford
Saja Hussein
Marguerite Willis

Trial Advocacy National Teams

American Association for Justice National Team
Jennifer Evans
Allison Lewis-Towbes
Rachel Roberts
Maxwell Russ

Texas Young Lawyers Association National Team
Delenn Robin
Eric Simon

Faculty Advisor
Louis Jim

2024-2025 MCHS Members

Returning Members
Anika Austin
Samuel Axelrod
Bailey Baumgarten
Mikko Biana
Matthew Capece
Angela Chang
Neha Dhiman
Jennifer Evans
Jillian Finn
Evan Glatt
Katherine Gomez
Avery Gott
Sarah Gouda
Alex Grayes
Liam Higgins
Madeline Hone
Sophia Hudock
Hyun Ji Jung
Jacqueline Kindler
Ryan Lefkowitz
Stephanie Leo
Ruby Rose Moscone
Alanna O'Hagan
John Overbeck
Christina Philippides
Giulia Pines
Dylan Quirk
Sarah Ryan
Sukhjot Saroya
Jason Saville
Dylan Shapiro
Emily Slavkin
Gabriel Slobodyansky
Bowen Song
Danielle Stoller
Veronica Tadros
Jenna Tammaro
Sinbay Tan
Gregory Wagner
New Members
Hadi Akbik
Edith Baez
Jordyn Baker
Blaise Bayno
Zoe Bishop
Harrison Carter
Kiyon Cho
Paige Cook
D’Shandi Coombs
Claire Cooper
Zoe DeVito
Lauren Dougherty
Connor Dunlap
Hannah Ferrugiari
Katherine Fitzgerald
Aidan Flannery
Alexander Fogg
Valerie Hanna
Nellie Hartzell
Niki Gerakaris
Carly Sloane Gettleman
Sean Godfrey
Jakob Goldenberg
Clara Goldrich
Mithun Imbulamure
Stacey Kim
Caroline Kindbom
Jonathan Lent
Alexandria Lindsay
Vivian Mantzopoulos
Philipine Mariaud
Stephanie Mirto
Vladimir Pavlov
Marielis Perez
Taran Rao
Alexander Rubin
Zoe Schacht
Jocelyn Shi
Joshua Silverstein
Lindsey Singer
Abigail Switzer
Victor Wang
Ricky Wei
Raquel Zohar

Trial Advocacy Division

The Trial Advocacy Division of the Moot Court Honor Society invites all 1L/2P/3P students to participate in the Spring Trial Division Tryouts. From this competition, the Trial Division selects new members to join the Society and compete the following year in competitions around the country.

The Spring Trial Division Tryouts consists of two rounds. In each round, a student must deliver an opening statement and conduct the cross examination of a witness portrayed by a current member of the Society. Students are provided with a Trial Record approximately two weeks prior to the first round and are assigned to either the prosecution or the defense and assigned the witness they will cross-examine.

Current members of the Trial Advocacy Division judge students participating in the Spring Trial Division Tryouts. Judges look for competitors that manifest a basic familiarity with the content and purpose of an opening statement and cross-examination and who are able to advocate with confidence and conviction.

Chosen Society members demonstrate the fundamentals of opening statements and cross-examinations in a workshop prior to the competition. Students who participate in Spring Trial Division Tryouts but are either not invited to join the society or are placed on the waitlist may try-out again during the Summer of their 2L/3P year.

Appellate Advocacy Division

Members of the Appellate Division compete each year in numerous competitions throughout the country. These competitions give students the opportunity to hone both their research and writing skills.

Students work hard to research and produce written briefs on issues involving the subject area of law in which they will compete. They spend a number of weeks drafting their briefs, then engage in weeks of “practice rounds,” aided by their coaches and members of the Society, to perfect their oral argument skills. By the time the competition takes place, they have perfected their arguments on both sides of the issue.

Appellate competitions address a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from family law to criminal procedure to constitutional law to international law. Our Appellate Division competitors have won competitions every year and often advance beyond preliminary rounds to the quarter-final, semi-final and final rounds of competition.

Appellate Division Membership

Members of the Moot Court Honor Society’s Appellate Division are selected primarily through a two-round competition held in the spring of their 1L/2P/3P year of law school. Students who are either not invited to join the Society or are placed on the waitlist during their 1L/2P/3P year may apply for membership again during the Summer of their 2L/3P year.

Jerome Prince Memorial Evidence Competition

Each year, Brooklyn Law School hosts the Dean Jerome Prince Memorial Evidence Competition. Named in honor of the late Dean and renowned evidence scholar, the competition draws over 30 law school teams from across the country to participate in an appellate competition addressing an issue at the forefront of evidence law. Members of the Moot Court Honor Society coordinate and facilitate the Prince Competition, and some students have an opportunity to work with faculty members to research and write the competition problem.

Willem C. Vis International Commerical Arbitration Moot

Brooklyn Law School is proud to send a team to the 30th Annual Vis Moot held in Vienna, Austria in April 2023. The purpose of the Vis Moot is to foster the study of international commercial law and arbitration and provide a practical training to students for resolving international business disputes. The team is comprised of third-year students from the Society, as well as unaffiliated students who have demonstrated excellence in requisite advocacy skills. Brooklyn Law School will host a practice demonstration for the public in the spring semester. Have questions or need additional information? Email the Brooklyn Law School Vis Team at

Recent Moot Court Winners

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