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Compete in mock trials and strengthen your advocacy skills

Brooklyn Law School’s Moot Court Honor Society is one of the most distinguished and accomplished moot court programs in the country. Students in the Trial Advocacy Division and the Appellate Advocacy Division compete in over thirty competitions across the United States and overseas. These competitions span all areas of the law, from family law to criminal procedure to constitutional law to international law. Year after year, students win individual awards for outstanding oral and written advocacy, as well as group awards for winning competitions and advancing to quarter-final, semi-final and final rounds.

2019-2020 Executive Board and National Teams

Executive Board

Alexandra Getsos

Vice Presidents - Appellate Advocacy
Mitchell Bower
Megan Pollastro

Vice President - Trial Advocacy
Joseph Nielsen

First-Year Competition Coordinator
Madison Kelley

Trial Coordinator
Frank Califano

Prince Competition Coordinator
Sarah Adams

Business Affairs Coordinator
Aaron Kainth

Appellate Advocacy National Teams

ABA National Team
Jessica Simonelli
Emily Vaught

NYC Bar National Team
Jessica Franzetti
Taylor Schlussel

Vis International Arbitration Team

Veronica Dunlop
Sophia Farruggia
Maximilian Ferlesch
Tino Illiparambil

Trial Advocacy National Teams

American Association for Justice National Team
Milana Lipkind
Monica Mercola
Joseph Pugliese
Michael Thorn

Texas Young Lawyers Association National Team
Michael Nesheiwat
Kayla Smith

2019-2020 MCHS Members

Returning Members

Yasemin Akturk
Ramsha Ansari
David Baloche
Taylor Bleistein
Lauren Cedeno
Eve Chowdhury
Shanni Davidowitz
Emily Dean
Steven Deolus
Aaron Edelman
Brian Egan
Travis Elliott-Knaggs
Abigayle Erickson
Monica Ferreira
Sara-Catherine Gerdes
Sarah Glasser
Leslie Hansen
Elizabeth Iannone
Kassandra Irizarry
Lena Janoda
Janna Joassainte
Henry Jones
Amanda Kadish
Sophie Kravet
Jesse Lamas
Alexandra Lenczewski
Jillian Lewis
Pranathi Eesha Malyala
Gabriella Manganiello
Alyssa Marino
Claudia Martinez
Kate Nelson
Andrew Oberg
Ashley Robinson
Sydney Rothschild
Muhammad Sardar
Rani Shulman
Manipal Singh
Daniel Slemmer
Eudora Sofge
Charlotte Thomas

New Members

Kim Aquino
Robert Austrian
Ashley Avera
James Bass
Alexa Bennett
Benjamin Black
Benjamin Buford
Sara Bullard
Robert Butlien
Hyanna Cardoso
Joanna Chalifoux
Sarah Colgan
Carley Cooke
Kristina D’Angelo
Manasi Dharia
Tal Edri
Sophie Faulkenberry
Kathryn Firstenberger
Margaret Foster
Nicholas Fuchs
Mollie Hamel
Kerry Hardman
Daniella Haviv
Samuel Hines
Johannes Hoffman
Aya Itani
Olivia Johansen
Shweta Kapoor
Isabella Katzenberg
Jordan Khorshad
Eric Kleinertz
Zachary Kotin
Kimberly Kramer
Ekaterina Krasavina
Cody Laska
Sarah Lavy
Jamie Levitt
Elise Lindenmayer
Nicholas Lobosco
Devin Ly
Rene Macioce
Alec Manfre
Cari Manning
Fiona McFarland
Sarah Meyers
Layla Noriega
Jacob Nunziato-Warren
Elizabeth Porfido
Karra Puccia
Andrew Ramstad
Lauren Rebovich
Ariana Reinhertz
Mateo Rendon
Zachary Rippe
Nick Rybarczyk
Amanda Schaefer
Claire Schapira
Ashley Schilling
Taylor Schmidinger
Amanda Simms
Jacqueline Steinberg
Elizabeth Steinborn
Emily Vaught
Samuel Weinstein
Marissa Wong
Michael Yoon
Andrew Zagami

Trial Advocacy Division

Each year, the Trial Advocacy Division sends competitive teams to some of the most prestigious competitions across the country. Members of the Trial Advocacy Division comprise a four-member team and compete in simulated full trial competitions against other schools. Students develop case theories and craft motions in limine, opening statements, direct and cross examinations, and closing arguments.

Competitors have a unique opportunity to think on their feet while making objections to evidence and responding to objections from adversaries while implementing the Federal Rules of Evidence, Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure. Competitors spend a considerable amount of time preparing for competition by engaging in "practice trials". Teams are aided by faculty and student coaches, who provide critique and assistance in preparing for trial.

Members in the Trial Advocacy Division truly excel in the art of oral argument and persuasion. Trial Advocacy Division members win awards every year and have consistently placed in the quarter-final, semi-final, and final rounds in regional and national competitions.

Trial Division Membership

The Trial Advocacy Division of the Moot Court Honor Society invites all first-year students to participate in the Spring Trial Division Tryouts. From this competition, the Trial Division selects new members to join the Society and compete the following year in competitions around the country.

The Spring Trial Division Tryouts consists of two rounds. In each round, a student must deliver an opening statement and conduct the cross examination of a witness portrayed by a current member of the Society. Students are provided with a Trial Record one week prior to the first round and are assigned to either the prosecution or the defense and assigned the witness they will cross-examine.

Current members of the Trial Advocacy Division judge students participating in the Spring Trial Division Tryouts. Judges look for competitors that manifest a basic familiarity with the content and purpose of an opening statement and cross-examination and who are able to advocate with confidence and conviction.

Chosen Society members demonstrate the fundamentals of opening statements and cross-examinations in a workshop prior to the competition. Students who are not invited to join the society during the Spring of their first year may try-out again during the Fall of their second year.

Appellate Advocacy Division

Members of the Appellate Division compete each year in numerous competitions throughout the country. These competitions give students the opportunity to hone both their research and writing skills.

Students work hard to research and produce written briefs on issues involving the subject area of law in which they will compete. They spend a number of weeks drafting their briefs, then engage in weeks of “practice rounds,” aided by their coaches and members of the Society, to perfect their oral argument skills. By the time the competition takes place, they have perfected their arguments on both sides of the issue.

Appellate competitions address a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from family law to criminal procedure to constitutional law to international law. Our Appellate Division competitors have won competitions every year and often advance beyond preliminary rounds to the quarter-final, semi-final and final rounds of competition.

Appellate Division Membership

Members of the Moot Court Honor Society’s Appellate Division are selected primarily through a two-round competition held in the spring of their first year of law school. Students who are not invited to join the Society during their first year may apply for membership in the summer before their second year if eligible.

Sign-up below for the Spring 2020 First Year Competition.

Recent Moot Court Winners

2019-2020 Award Winning Teams

ALA National Moot Court Competition (Chicago, IL)
Zachary Rippe ’21, Emily Vaught ‘21
Best Oralist: Emily Vaught ‘21
Coaches: Jesse Lamas ’20, Kassandra Irizarry ‘20

National Veterans Law Moot Court Competition (Washington, DC)
Sarah Colgan ’21, Michael Yoon ‘21
Coaches: Jillian Lewis ’20, Lena Janoda ‘20

Quinnipiac University School of Law/ABA Criminal Justice Mock Trial Competition (New Haven, CT)
James Bass, Daniella Haviv, Layla Noriega, Jacob Nunziato-Warren
Second Best Cross Examination: Layla Noriega ’21
Coaches: Michael Luongo ’19, Joseph Nielsen ’20, Ashley Robinson ‘20

Fordham’s Judge Paul Joseph Kelly, Jr. Invitational Trial Competition (New York, NY)
Michael Nesheiwat ’20, Kayla Smith ‘20
Best Cross Examination: Kayla Smith ‘20
Coaches: Joseph Nielsen ’20, Megan Shaw ‘18

John L. Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy Competition (Fairfax, VA)
James Bass ’21, Mollie Hamel ’21, Nick Rybarczyk ‘21
Best Oral Advocate: Mollie Hamel ‘21
Coaches: Joanna Menillo ’15, Frank Califano ’20, Aaron Edelman ‘20

Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (New York, NY)
Semi-Finalists – Americas Regional Round
Carley Cooke ‘21, Aya Itani ‘20, Cody Laska ‘21 and Andrew Zagami ‘22
Coaches: Sarah Adams ‘20, Veronica Dunlop ‘20, Jessica Franzetti ‘20 and Sara-Catherine Gerdes ‘20

Texas Young Lawyers Association National Trial Competition (Syracuse, NY)
Semi-Finalists – Regional Round
Michael Nesheiwat ‘20, and Kayla Smith ‘20
Coaches: Frank Califano ‘20 and Christopher Dey ‘12

ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition (New York, NY)
Finalists – Regional Round
Jessica Simonelli ’20, Emily Vaught ‘21
Coach: Megan Pollastro ’20

2018-2019 Award Winning Teams

ABA Labor and Employment Law Student Trial Advocacy Competition (New York, NY)
Regional Champions
Elizabeth Iannone ’21, Tino Illiparambil ’20, Milana Lipkind ’20, and Joseph Pugliese ‘20
Coaches: Brendan Brown ’19, Jenna Jones ’19, Amber Leary ‘19

ABA Labor and Employment Law Student Trial Advocacy Competition (New York, NY)
Frank Califano ’20, Janna Joassainte ’20, Sophie Kravet ’20, and Monica Mercola ’20
Coaches: Sarah Cantos ’19, Brett Feldman ’19, and Sam Goodstein ‘19

Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (New York, NY)
Finalists – Americas Regional Round
Sarah Adams ’20, Veronica Dunlop ’20, Jessica Franzetti ’20, and Sara-Catherine-Gerdes ‘20
Best Oralist: Sarah Adams ’20
Best Oralist in the Final: Sarah Adams ’20
Coaches: Erin Callihan ’19, Steven Deolus ’20, Damandeep Kaur ’19, and Rebecca Meyer ‘19

Texas Young Lawyers Association National Trial Competition, Regional Round (Buffalo, NY)
Champions (Advanced to National Round)
Frank Califano ’20, Muhannad Al Nisheiwat ’20, and Kayla Smith ‘20
Coaches: Christopher Dey ’12 and Michael Luongo ‘19

Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition – US Northeast Regional (New York, NY)
Abigayle Erickson ’20, Alexandra Getsos ’20, Henry Jones ’20, and Hannah Pickens ’19
Coaches: Kyleen Breslin ’19, Tina Lin ’19, and Eleanor Shotton ’19

National Moot Court Competition in Child Welfare & Adoption Law (Columbus, OH)
Competitors: Brian Egan ’20 & Jessica Simonelli ’20
Coaches: Yesenia Brewster ’19 & Krista Gay ’19

AIPLA Giles Sutherland Rich Moot Court Competition, Northeast Regional (Boston, MA)
Competitors: Alexandra Lenczewski ’20 & Daniel Slemmer ’20
Coaches: Stephanie Coughlan ’19 & Brandon Fernandes ’19

Seigenthaler-Sutherland Cup National First Amendment Moot Court Competition (Washington, D.C.)
Runner Up, Best Brief
Competitors: Megan Pollastro ’20 & Taylor Schlussel ’20
Coaches: Anne Carey ’19 & Terry Frederic ’19

ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition, National Round (Chicago, IL)
Competitors: Kaitlin Bond ’19 & Jacob Zucker ’19
Coach: Grace Chamoun ’19

Texas Young Lawyers Association National Trial Competition, Regional Round (Buffalo, NY)
Daveed Audel ’19 and Amber Leary ‘19
Best Direct Examination: Daveed Audel ‘19
Best Closing Argument: Amber Leary ‘19
Coaches: Jenna Jones ’19, Steven Michelen ’15, and Rachel Polisner ‘15

Craven Moot Court Competition (Chapel Hill, NC)
Sophia Farruggia ’20 & Chloe Gordils ‘19
Coaches: Nicole Khalouian ’19 & Alex Mendelson ‘19

Hofstra Medical-Legal Mock Trial Tournament (Uniondale, NY)
Muhannad Al Nisheiwat ’20, Sarah Glasser ’20, Pranathi Eesha Malyala ’20, and Kayla Smith ‘20
Best Direct Examination: Muhannad Al Nisheiwat ‘20
Best Closing Statement: Kayla Smith ‘20
Coaches: Megan Hynes ’19, Michael Luongo ’19, and Mallory Turk ‘15

Queens District Attorney’s Office Mock Trial Competition (Kew Gardens, NY)
Shanni Davidowitz ’20, Joshua Filzer ’19, Aarondeep Kainth ’19, and Alyssa Marino ‘21
Coaches: Maryclaire Kennedy ’19, Austin Minogue ’16, and Spencer Smith ‘19

American Association of Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition – Regional Round (Brooklyn, NY)
Amanda Kadish ’21, Aarondeep Kainth ’20, Monica Mercola ’20, and Michael Thorn ’20
Coaches: Desiree Alexander ’16, Michael Conte ’17, and Hailey Lonsford ’19

ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition, New York Regional (Brooklyn, NY)
Regional Finalists (Advanced to National Round)
Competitors: Kaitlin Bond ’19 & Jacob Zucker ’19
Coach: Grace Chamoun ’19

Robert F. Wagner National Labor and Employment Law Moot Court Competition (New York, NY)
Competitors: Travis Elliott-Knaggs ’20 & Leslie Hansen ’20
Coaches: Krista Gay ’19 & Victoria Jaus ’19

Price Media Law Moot Court Competition, International Round (Oxford, UK)
Competitors: Sarah Adams ’20, Veronica Dunlop ’20, and Jessica Franzetti ’20
Coaches: Erin Callihan ’19, Steven Deolus ’20, Damandeep Kaur ’19, and Rebecca Meyer ‘19

Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Vienna, Austria)
Top 32 Teams
Competitors: Terry Frederic ’19, Rebecca Meyer ’19, and Dylan Porcello ‘19
Coaches: Professors Louis Kimmelman and Dana MacGrath

Jerome Prince Memorial Evidence Competition

Each year, Brooklyn Law School hosts the Dean Jerome Prince Memorial Evidence Competition. Named in honor of the late Dean and renowned evidence scholar, the competition draws over 30 law school teams from across the country to participate in an appellate competition addressing an issue at the forefront of evidence law. Members of the Moot Court Honor Society coordinate and facilitate the Prince Competition, and some students have an opportunity to work with faculty members to research and write the competition problem.

Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Practice Moot

Brooklyn Law School is proud to announce that it will be hosting its annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration practice moot on March 7th, 2020. Registration for this practice moot is now open!

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