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We believe in your well being

Our programs support your health while studying at Brooklyn Law School.

We recognize the importance of helping you perform at your peak. Brooklyn Law School provides a variety of resources to help you maintain your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for the time that you are with us. Ultimately, our central location in the midst of a bustling, urban community provides a wealth of resources that are all available to you, whether you need a doctor’s referral or guidance finding the support you need.

Wellness Programs

  • Meditation Mondays
  • Therapist resources
  • Weekly yoga classes
  • Wellness Week
  • Numerous study breaks every final exam period
  • Annual wellness programs from student organizations
Dean of Students, Jennifer Lang, and Director of Student Life, Tami Adelson, are also both available for individual appointments to help support our students:

Student Affairs
250 Joralemon Street
Telephone: 718-780-0679
Fax: 718-780-0393

Jennifer Lang
Dean of Students

Mental Health

Our students can go see a local therapist for a free and confidential consultation. Students who carry the BLS health insurance plan have a low co-pay of only $10 for doctor and therapist appointments. We negotiated that low rate to make care accessible and affordable for our students. 

Health Insurance

Brooklyn Law School offers a health insurance plan that is administered through a third-party agency:


Brooklyn Heights is brimming with opportunities for exercise. There is a broad selection of yoga classes, Pilates, and fitness centers, and a wide variety of athletic programs. Many students opt to put on their running gear and jog through our beautiful city (two popular routes are across the Brooklyn Bridge and back or through Brooklyn Heights and along the Promenade).

The Law School's student organizations also organize a variety of annual programs, such as the SBA Softball Game and Race Judicata, as well as organizations devoted to tennis and yoga for ongoing fitness.