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Brooklyn Law School’s faculty is comprised of frequently-cited scholars and practitioners with broad real-world experience at law firms and corporations, in government and in public service, and are well-versed in current and complex legal issues.

To arrange an interview with one of our faculty members, please contact:

Peggy Swisher
Marketing and Communications Director
Office: (718) 780-0350

Faculty Experts Guide

Brooklyn Law School’s Faculty Experts Guide is organized by area of expertise. If you prefer to search by name and know the name of the faculty member, please consult the faculty directory.


Administrative Law

AIDS Policy

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Art Law

Asylum and Refugee Law

Banking Law

Bankruptcy Law


Broker-Dealer Law

Business Law

Business Reorganization


Capital Punishment

Civil Liberties

Civil Litigation

Civil Procedure

Civil Rights

Clinical Education

Commercial Law

Commercial Transactions

Community Development

Comparative Business Law

Comparative Contract Law

Complex Litigation

Constitutional Law

Consumer Financial Services Law

Consumer Law


Copyright Law

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Finance

Corporate Law

Criminal Juries

Criminal Law

Criminal Procedure

Criminal-Code Drafting

Critical Race Theory


National Security Law


New York Civil Practice

Non-Profit Organizations

Organizational Theory

Partnership Taxation



Privacy, Technology, and Communications Law

Private Law Theory

Products Liability

Professional Ethics

Professional Responsibility

Property Law

Public Defense

Public Health Law

Public Interest Law


Rating Agencies Regulation

Real Estate Finance Law

Real Estate Law


Securities Law

Securities Regulation

Sentencing Law and Policy

Separation of Powers

Sex Trafficking

Sexuality and the Law

Social Enterprise

Sports Law

Statutory Interpretation

Taxation of Real Estate

Telecommunications Law

Terrorism Law



Trial and Appellate Advocacy

Trusts & Estates

Urban Planning

White Collar Crime

Women's Rights