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Press Contact

Brooklyn Law School’s faculty is comprised of frequently-cited scholars and practitioners with broad real-world experience at law firms and corporations, in government and in public service, and are well-versed in current and complex legal issues.

To arrange an interview with one of our faculty members, please contact:

Rosemarie Yu
Director of Public Relations
Office: (718) 780-0627

Faculty Experts Guide

Brooklyn Law School’s Faculty Experts Guide is organized by area of expertise. If you prefer to search by name and know the name of the faculty member, please consult the faculty directory.


Administrative Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution/Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration


Art Law

Asylum Law

Banking Law

Bankruptcy/ Business Reorganization


Broker-Dealer Regulation


Campaign Finance and Election Law

Charities/Non-Profit Law

Child Welfare/Children's Rights

Civil Liberties/Civil Rights

Civil Procedure

Class Actions

Clinical Legal Education

Commercial Law

Community Development

Comparative Business/Contract Law

Constitutional Law

Consumer Financial Services

Consumer Protection



Corporate Compliance

Corporate Finance

Corporate Law

Corporate Social Responsibility

Criminal Law

Criminal Procedure

Criminal Statutes


Disability Law

Domestic Violence

Employment Law

Entertainment Law/New Media

Environmental Law

Ethics/Professional Responsibility

European Union


Family Law

Federal Courts

Financial Regulation

First Amendment/Freedom of Speech

Forensic and Scientific Evidence



Juvenile Justice

Labor Law

Land Use

Language and the Law

Law and Medicine

Legal Education

Legal Research Methods

Legal Writing

Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

LGBT Issues

Local Government Law


Race and the Law

Real Estate

Securities Law/Regulation

Sentencing Law and Policy

Separation of Powers

Sex Crimes

Sports Law

Supreme Court


Telecommunications Law


Trade Secrets

Trademarks and Unfair Competition

Trusts & Estates

Urban Planning

White Collar Crime

Women's Rights/Feminist Jurisprudence