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    03.14.18 Matthew Dunn ’93 Appointed to Co-Chair Immigration Practice at Kramer Levin
    Matthew Dunn ’93

    Matthew S. Dunn ’93 has been appointed co-chair of the immigration practice at Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel.

    “Matt is a leader in his field who has demonstrated strong commitment to our clients’ success and, by extension, the success of our firm,” said Paul S. Pearlman, managing partner of Kramer Levin, in a press release.

    Dunn, a partner at the firm, is well-versed in the complex framework of immigration laws and policies in the United States. He advises a diverse group of clients, including banks, global financial services companies, technology and business consultancies, advertising agencies, health care institutions, and sports and entertainment organizations in the hiring, transfer and retention of foreign national executives, managers, professionals, athletes and performing artists.

    “It is an honor to be named co-chair of Kramer Levin’s industry-leading Immigration practice,” Dunn said. “I am fortunate to be surrounded by a top-tier team of professionals who know how to navigate immigration law at every level and maximize positive outcomes for our clients.”

    Dunn began his career as an immigration lawyer through Brooklyn Law School’s renowned Clinical Education Program. “It was through my clinical work that I learned how government institutions work and how attorneys at a very high level litigate. I also built a network of connections and friendships that I still have today,” he said. Dunn credits Professor Linda Feldman for helping him develop professionally. “She recognized everyone needs development, and she was wonderful in helping me make the most of myself,” he said. “I feel indebted to her for teaching me how to think like a lawyer.”

    Dunn says the skills he learned at the Law School have stayed with him to this day. “We learned how to earn the respect and trust of clients. We know how to speak to them and understand them, and that’s one of the most important traits as an attorney.”

    After graduating from Brooklyn, Dunn joined the Suffolk County DA’s office. He then moved to the Justice Department Immigration Service before transitioning to private practice—first at Fragomen Delray and then at Kramer Levin.

    Dunn says the current political climate has been challenging, but invigorating. “I feel clients are more reliant than ever on my advice.” His commitment to pro bono immigration work is also stronger than ever. “This is my most satisfying work,” he said, recalling a man who was delivering milk and walked up to him and give him a bear hug. “At first, I didn’t recognize him,” said Dunn. “But then I realized he was one of my first political asylum clients. That moment was incredibly moving, to know that I had changed his life.”