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  • 12.20.17 Professor Rebecca Kysar Co-Authors New York Times  Op-ed on Republican Tax Bill
    rebecca kysar

    Republicans are on the verge of achieving their decades-long goal of a tax overhaul, but the victory will be fleeting, argues Professor Rebecca Kysar in an op-ed she co-authored in the Dec. 20 edition of The New York Times.

  • 12.11.17 Professor Rebecca Kysar Co-Authors Widely-Read Paper on Issues in Tax Reform Bill
    rebecca kysar

    Professor Rebecca Kysar was one of four primary authors of a paper that is gaining widespread attention for highlighting potential areas of concern in the Republican tax reform legislation currently before the U.S. Congress. The report, “The Games They Will Play: Tax Games, Roadblocks, and Glitches Under the New Legislation,” has been cited by numerous media, including the Financial Times, Bloomberg, Slate, and Law360, and it has been downloaded more than 16,000 times since publishing last week on leading research repository SSRN.

  • 11.28.17 Dennis J. Block ’67 Appointed to Brooklyn Law School Board of Trustees
    Dennis J. Block ’67

    The Brooklyn Law School Board of Trustees has appointed Dennis J. Block ’67, senior chairman of Greenberg Traurig’s Global Mergers and Acquisitions practice, as a member of the Board.

  • 11.20.17 In CNNMoney Story, Professor Jodi Balsam Discusses Recent NFL Controversies
    Jodi Balsam

    Professor Jodi Balsam, an expert in sports law and former NFL Counsel for Operations and Litigation, continues to be sought by media for perspective on issues concerning the NFL, including the feud between Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the league over the pending contract extension for Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL’s investigation of Jameis Winston for allegedly groping an Uber driver.

  • 11.15.17 Professor Rebecca Kysar Op-ed on Republican Tax Plan Appears in The New York Times
    rebecca kysar

    The Republican tax plan has promised simplification and a needed update, but G.O.P. policy choices are instead introducing even more complexity and threatening to leave America in the past, argues Professor Rebecca Kysar in her op-ed in the Nov. 15 edition of The New York Times.

  • 11.10.17 In The New York Times, Professor Minna Kotkin Offers Tips on How to Deal with Workplace Sexual Harassment
    Minna Kotkin

    Professor Minna Kotkin was quoted along with other national legal experts in a New York Times article offering guidance on what to do when faced with workplace sexual harassment.

  • 10.30.17 Making Social Enterprise Work: Vice Dean Steven Dean and Professor Dana Brakman Reiser Launch New Book
    Making Social Enterprise Work: Vice Dean Steven Dean and Professor Dana Brakman Reiser Launch New Book

    Can a company do well while doing good? Can an investor make solid returns while making a difference? Vice Dean Steven Dean and Professor Dana Brakman Reiser say the answer to both of these questions is “yes,” and outline how to make that happen in their new book Social Enterprise Law: Trust, Public Benefit and Capital Markets.

  • 10.20.17 Professor Minna Kotkin Op-ed on Workplace Sexual Harassment Appears in The Washington Post
    Minna Kotkin

    The U.S. regulatory and judicial systems are complicit in protecting workplace harassers from public exposure and opprobrium, argues Professor Minna Kotkin in her op-ed in the Oct. 22 edition of The Washington Post.

  • 10.18.17 Professor Jodi Balsam Discusses Legal Issues Surrounding Anthem Protests
    Jodi Balsam

    In a recent interview that aired on the LawNewz Network, Professor Jodi Balsam discussed the myriad legal issues surrounding the actions of some NFL players to kneel during the playing of the national anthem and the decision by some public schools to require students to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Her main takeaway: a distinction needs to be made between public and private institutions when considering the ramifications of these issues.

  • 10.16.17 Professor Heidi K. Brown on the Gifts of Introversion for Lawyers
    Heidi Brown

    In her new book, The Introverted Lawyer: A Seven-Step Journey Toward Authentically Empowered Advocacy, Professor Heidi K. Brown, director of the legal writing program, argues that the introverted lawyer – and law student – has much to offer to a profession dominated by extroverts.

  • 10.11.17 Professor Miriam Baer Talks Amnesty in The New York Times

    In a New York Times UpShot column about what makes the idea of granting amnesty such a fraught topic, Professor Miriam Baer shared her expertise as a former federal prosecutor and scholar in the area of white collar crime.

  • 10.05.17 Professor William Araiza Discusses Major Upcoming SCOTUS Cases in Interview with RNN TV
    Araiza cropped

    Professor William Araiza was interviewed about the major cases to watch in the upcoming term of the Supreme Court of the United States on the Emmy Award-winning public affairs program, “Richard French Live,” on RNN news network.

  • 09.28.17 Professors Godsoe and Mogulescu Team with Jones Day on Amicus Brief for Human Trafficking Victim
    Scales of justice

    Professors Kate Mogulescu and Cynthia Godsoe, teaming with lawyers from Jones Day and the Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Center (HT Pro Bono), have filed an Amicus Brief in a criminal appeal pending before the Ohio Supreme Court.

  • 09.26.17 Acclaimed Article by Professor Alex Stein the Focus of Program at Columbia Law School
    Professor Alex Stein

    Professor Alex Stein’s acclaimed article, “The Domain of Torts,” which appeared in the Columbia Law Review this year, will be the focus of a presentation and commentary at Columbia Law School on Sept. 27.

  • 09.26.17 Professor Jodi Balsam Weighs in on Multiple Issues Facing the NFL
    Jodi Balsam

    Professor Jodi Balsam, an expert in sports law and former NFL Counsel for Operations and Litigation, has been quoted extensively in recent media reports about the myriad issues facing the NFL, including players’ health and safety, the national anthem controversy, and the possibility of a lockout in 2021.

  • 08.14.17 Professor Alice Ristroph Writes for Democracy About the Eclipse and Racial Isolation
    Alice Ristroph

    Criminal Justice Professor Alice Ristroph has published an article in the journal Democracy about the upcoming total solar eclipse and its curious path across a swath of America that is home to few black people. Titled “Blackout,” the piece follows the trajectory of the “totality,” or the period when the sun will be almost completely blocked out by the moon. Ristroph takes this as an opportunity to describe the fraught racial history of each of these places—Oregon, Wyoming, Nebraska, etc.—and highlight the divides that remain.

  • 07.26.17 Library Director Janet Sinder Honored with Article of the Year Award from Law Library Journal
    Janet Sinder

    An article by Professor Janet Sinder, Director of the Brooklyn Law School Library, has been honored with the Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award.

  • 07.24.17 Professor William Araiza Interviewed by Texas Public Radio about ‘Animus’ in the Law
    Brooklyn Law School - William Araiza

    How do U.S. courts determine whether a law is biased? Professor William Araiza in an interview with Texas Public Radio discussed this question with the focus on the concept of “animus” in the law. Araiza said the concept extends across a variety of constitutional law doctrines, not just the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause, as seen with same-sex marriage cases, but also the First Amendment Establishment Clause, as evidenced in recent litigation over the Trump travel ban.

  • 07.14.17 Professor Steven Dean Named Vice Dean
    Professor Steven Dean

    Professor Steven Dean has been named Vice Dean at Brooklyn Law School effective July 1. In this role, Dean will oversee the Law School’s academic program and curriculum. At the same time, he will work to advance faculty development and scholarship. He succeeds Professor William Araiza, who is returning to teaching and his scholarly work full time.

  • 07.11.17 Professor Miriam Baer Among Legal Experts Weighing In on Trump Jr.’s Emails and Russia Meeting

    Professor Miriam Baer is among top legal experts in the nation who were asked by Vox whether the email chain released by Donald Trump Jr. on July 11 constitutes clear evidence of collusion or conspiracy by the Trump campaign and whether Trump Jr. as well as Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort are in legal jeopardy because of their meeting last year with a “Russian government lawyer” who purportedly promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

  • 06.26.17 Professor Jocelyn Simonson Cited in U.S. Supreme Court Decision
    Brooklyn Law School - Professor Jocelyn Simonson

    The U.S. Supreme Court cited work by Professor Jocelyn Simonson in its majority opinion issued on June 22 in Weaver v. Massachusetts, a case about the right to a public trial.  Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion cited Simonson’s 2014 Harvard Law Review article, “The Criminal Court Audience in a Post-Trial World,” in which she examined the importance of the right to a public trial in the world of plea bargaining.

  • 06.21.17 Judges Can Do More to Help Juries Understand Rape Cases, Professor Schneider Tells the Times
    Elizabeth Schneider

    Professor Elizabeth Schneider was quoted in a New York Times story about the rape case against Bill Cosby that recently ended in a mistrial.

  • 06.20.17 Preserve the Critical Role of the Consumer Financial Protection Board, Argues Professor David Reiss
    David Reiss

    In his latest column for The Hill, Professor David Reiss takes issue with recent recommendations from the U.S. Treasury Department to limit the powers of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • 06.08.17 Professor Elizabeth Schneider Quoted in New York Times story on Bill Cosby Trial
    Elizabeth Schneider

    Professor Elizabeth Schneider was quoted in the June 8 New York Times article, “In Cosby Trial, Treatment of Women by Powerful Men Has Its Day in Court.”

  • 06.06.17 Professor Chaumtoli Huq’s Documentary Examines Bangladeshi Workers’ Rights
    Chaumtoli Huq

    The horrifying collapse of a factory in Bangladesh that killed more than 1,000 workers in 2013 shined a harsh light on lack of protections and rights for workers in the garment industry and brought about renewed calls for labor law reforms.  Adjunct Professor Chaumtoli Huq’s new documentary, “Sramik Awaaz: Workers Voices,” covers the evolution of the labor movement in Bangladesh from the perspective of the workers themselves.

  • 05.30.17 Professor Bennett Convenes Critical Race Theory Legal Scholars for Book Project
    Bennett Capers

    Professor Bennett Capers brought fellow legal scholars in critical race theory to Brooklyn this spring to workshop drafts of their rewritten U.S. court opinions for the forthcoming book Critical Race Judgments: Rewritten Court Opinions on Race and the Law. The book will be the latest entry in the growing endeavor of reimaging past court decisions from a different scholarly perspective.

  • 05.30.17 Professor Gregg Macey Article Included in Land Use and Environmental Law Review
    Gregg Macey

    An article by Professor Gregg Macey, “Boundary Work in Environmental Law,” was recently selected for reprint in the annual Land Use and Environmental Law Review.

  • 05.19.17 NPR’s Scott Simon Shares Memories of Visiting Professor Neil P. Cohen
    Professor Neil P. Cohen

    Neil P. Cohen, who served as a visiting professor at Brooklyn Law School for more than a decade died on May 8 at age 72. Professor Cohen taught criminal procedure, criminal law, and evidence at the Law School.

  • 05.16.17 Professor David Reiss Decries New Financial Choice Act in The Hill Column
    David Reiss

    In his regular column for The Hill, Professor David Reiss on Sunday took on the Financial Choice Act, the latest effort to roll back the regulatory powers of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, is the chief proponent of the FCA, claiming the CFPB and its parent, Dodd-Frank, put an undue burden on consumer credit providers.

  • 05.05.17 Professor David Reiss Elected to the American College of Real Estate Lawyers
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss was recently named a 2017 Fellow of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers (ACREL) by the organization’s Board of Governors.

  • 05.05.17 Article by Professor Minor Myers Selected for Top 10 Corporate and Securities List
    Brooklyn Law School - Professor Minor Myers

    Appraisal Arbitrage and the Future of Public Company M&A, co-authored by Professor Minor Myers (with Professor Charles Korsmo, Case Western Reserve School of Law), was named a Top 10 Corporate and Securities Article in a list compiled by Corporate Practice Commentator.

  • 04.25.17 Professor Bennett Capers Discusses ‘Rape, Truth, and Hearsay’ on Excited Utterance Podcast
    Bennett Capers

    Professor Bennett Capers recently appeared on Excited Utterance, a podcast focusing on scholarship on evidence law and proof, to discuss his forthcoming article “Rape, Truth, and Hearsay,” which will appear in the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender.

  • 04.24.17 Professor Anita Bernstein Joins Amicus Brief in Sandy Hook Lawsuit
    Anita Bernstein

    Professor Anita Bernstein was among 13 nationally renowned law professors specializing in common-law torts who filed an amicus brief with the Connecticut Supreme Court arguing that negligent entrustment should apply to the gun makers of the AR-15 used in the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. The case was brought by families of the victims against Bushmaster Firearms International, a manufacturer and distributor of firearms. 

  • 03.31.17 Professor David Reiss Named to NYC Rent Guidelines Board
    David Reiss

    Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the appointment of Professor David Reiss to the Rent Guidelines Board. The board is mandated to establish rent adjustments for approximately 1 million dwelling units subject to rent stabilization in New York City and holds public meetings and hearings to consider research from staff and testimony from owners, tenants, advocacy groups, and industry experts. Reiss and Hilary Botein of Baruch College will serve as public members of the board.  

  • 03.28.17 Professor Stacy Caplow: Fix the Crisis in Immigration Courts
    picture of a teacher

    In a guest column for the Star-Ledger Herald (New Jersey) on Mar. 28, “Deporting 'bad hombres' a Trump sham if region's immigration courts are crippled,” Professor Stacy Caplow outlines the current crisis in the nation’s Immigration Courts, resulting in case backlogs and delayed justice.

  • 03.23.17 New Book Credits BLIP Clinic Role in Brooklyn Business Growth
    The New Brooklyn

    In “The New Brooklyn: What It Takes to Bring a City Back” by Kay S. Hymowitz (Rowman & Littlefield 2017), the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy (BLIP) Clinic, under the direction of Professor Jonathan Askin, is cited as a significant player in Brooklyn’s recent surge in business growth.  

  • 03.20.17 Professor Robin Effron Previews Gorsuch Confirmation Hearings on CBS News
    Robin Effron

    As the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch get underway, Professor Robin Effron appeared on CBS News March 19 to discuss what to expect from the process. 

  • 03.17.17 Dean Nick Allard Writes Opinion Pieces for The Times of Israel and Washington Post
    Dean Allard

    On March 17, Dean Nick Allard had his op-ed about rising anti-Semitism in the United States appear in The Times of Israel, while his opinion piece about a wine bar’s lawsuit against the president appeared in the Washington Post.

  • 03.13.17 Professor Susan Herman Recognized as a Woman 'Changing the World'
    Susan Herman

    Professor Susan Herman’s work with the American Civil Liberties Union earned her praise as one of five “women who are changing the world” from Patch news, in honor of National Women's History Month.

  • 03.13.17 Professor Alice Ristroph, an Expert in Criminal Law, to Join Faculty
    Alice Ristroph

    Brooklyn Law School has announced the appointment of Professor Alice Ristroph, an expert in criminal law, criminal procedure, and constitutional law, as professor of law. Her appointment is effective July 1. Ristroph currently teaches at Seton Hall University School of Law, where her scholarship focuses on the relationships among legal concepts and legal practices.   

  • 02.27.17 Professor Roberta Karmel Receives William O. Douglas Award
    photo of a professor

    Professor Roberta Karmel was presented with the William O. Douglas Award at the 25th annual Association of Securities and Exchange Commission Alumni (ASECA) dinner on Feb. 24, in Washington, D.C.

  • 02.24.17 Dean Nick Allard Op-ed ‘An unexpected Trump effect: Lawyer as hero’ Appears in The Hill
    Dean Allard

    In an op-ed appearing in the Feb. 24 edition of The Hill, Dean Nick Allard shares his thoughts on how the role of lawyers in society is as critically important as ever given the actions of the Trump administration. Lawyers practicing across varying fields from immigration to religious freedom to international trade are suddenly in the spotlight, and now playing a major role in shaping the nation’s current governmental system.

  • 02.08.17 Does a Bible Class in Public School Violate the Law? Professor Nelson Tebbe Weighs in on CBS News
    Professor Nelson Tebbe

    Professor Nelson Tebbe was interviewed for a CBS News story that aired Feb. 8 about a case involving parents in West Virginia who are suing to end a bible class in public schools.

  • 01.27.17 Dean Nick Allard in Oklahoma Legal Group Blog
    Dean Allard

    Dean Nick Allard recently took part in a Q&A with the Oklahoma Legal Group Blog, where he discussed the biggest challenge facing law students, challenges as a dean, the effect of technology on criminal defense cases, and other topics.

  • 01.26.17 Professor Maryellen Fullerton on BBC News Discusses the President’s Actions on Immigration
    Maryellen Fullerton

    Professor Maryellen Fullerton, an expert on asylum and refugee law, was recently a guest on a pair of BBC News programs: World Have Your Say and Newshour. On both programs, she discussed the president’s executive orders on immigration and refugees and building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.

  • 01.11.17 Professor Arthur Pinto Quoted in Crain's on New York Court of Appeals Vacancy
    picture of a teacher

    Professor Arthur Pinto was quoted in the Jan. 11 Crain’s article “Cuomo remakes the state's highest court” on the governor’s overhaul of the New York Court of Appeals. With a judge’s recent retirement, Cuomo’s pick to fill the vacancy could tip the scales against employers in closely divided cases.

  • 01.11.17 Professor K. Sabeel Rahman Quoted in The New York Times on Corporate Consolidations
    Brooklyn Law School Professor K. Sabeel Rahman

    Professor K. Sabeel Rahman was quoted in the Jan. 10 New York Times article, “Obama’s Work to Limit Mergers May Stop With Trump Administration.”

  • 01.11.17 Professor Miriam Baer Elected to Membership in American Law Institute

    Professor Miriam Baer has been elected to membership in the American Law Institute. ALI is the leading independent organization in the United States producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and otherwise improve the law.

  • 01.10.17 Professor David Reiss in Politico on President-elect’s Real Estate Holdings
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss was prominently quoted in the Jan. 9 Politico article, “Selling his empire would cost Trump money. A lot of it.

  • 01.09.17 Professor Jocelyn Simonson Article a Top SSRN Download For Criminal Law eJournal
    Brooklyn Law School - Professor Jocelyn Simonson

    The article “Bail Nullification,” by Professor Jocelyn Simonson is the current SSRN top download for Criminal Law papers. SSRN is the world’s foremost open-access repository for scholarly research. The article will appear in the Michigan Law Review later this year.

  • 01.09.17 Professor Stacy Caplow Op-ed on Immigration-related Executive Pardons in Miami Herald
    picture of a teacher

    An op-ed by Professor Stacy Caplow advocating executive pardons for currently law-abiding immigrants appeared in The Miami Herald on Jan. 8.

  • 01.03.17 Professor Rebecca Kysar Op-ed on Constitutionality of Trump’s Tariff Plan Appears in The New York Times
    rebecca kysar

    In an op-ed in the Jan. 3 edition of The New York Times, Professor Rebecca Kysar examines why President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to impose a 5 to 10 percent tariff on imports through an executive order may not be constitutional.