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    11.20.17 In CNNMoney Story, Professor Jodi Balsam Discusses Recent NFL Controversies
    Jodi Balsam

    Professor Jodi Balsam, an expert in sports law and former NFL Counsel for Operations and Litigation, continues to be sought by media for perspective on issues concerning the NFL, including the feud between Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the league over the pending contract extension for Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL’s investigation of Jameis Winston for allegedly groping an Uber driver.

    In a widely carried CNNMoney story exploring possible outcomes of the public feud between Jones and the NFL, which saw a group of owners last week accuse Jones of "damaging the league" and behaving in a way "detrimental to the league's best interests," Balsam—who was responsible for the league constitution and bylaws from 1994 to 2007—said it’s unlikely Jones would lose his team over the spat.

    "Jones has a lot of friends in the league, and it's unlikely they would agree to punish one of their own because what comes around goes around," she said, noting that an NFL owner has never been removed for misbehavior. 

    Meanwhile, with the NFL opening an investigation into Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston for allegedly groping a female Uber driver in 2016, Balsam told LawNewz “It could be a very time consuming process,” since the NFL is more careful about investigating alleged player misconduct.

    Balsam cited Article 46 under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement as the guiding principle in the matter, which she said would give Winston the limited ability to fight back.

    “He wouldn’t be able to confront his witnesses, he won’t have access to files used in the investigation, and he probably won’t succeed if he and his lawyers attempt to prove that Article 46 is somehow illegal,” Balsam said.

    Once the investigation is done, the NFL would likely make its decision in an off-season to limit the distraction to the players and teams, according to Balsam.

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