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    04.17.17 Irving Piken ’30 Profiled by ESPN as Oldest Living Dodgers Fan
    Irving Piken

    Irving Piken ’30, currently 108 years old, was the subject of a recent ESPN story about being the oldest living Dodgers fan.

    Piken could recall a 22-inning game resulting in a 6-5 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1917—100 years ago, when Piken was eight.

    "I remember the game," Piken told ESPN, “though, frankly, much of that has faded, and I don't recall too much about the proceedings."

    He watched players like Babe Ruth, Sandy Koufax and Orel Hershiser. His favorite player was Jackie Robinson.

    "I remember his antics and playing the pitchers and finally stealing home plate a number of times, which was done by very few ballplayers who had the ability to react as quickly," Piken said. "It was very thrilling to watch it."

    Piken remained a fan even after the team left Ebbets Field in 1958 and moved to Los Angeles. He even moved to California himself, 19 years after his favorite team.

    Read the article.