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    10.28.16 Brooklyn Law School Launches Public Service Law Center
    Law School exterior with new banners

    Brooklyn Law School has announced the launch of the Public Service Law Center, a hub for its public service community. The Center serves students who aim to work in public service through counseling, community events, pro bono projects, and supporting intellectual life.

    “The creation of the Public Service Law Center recognizes our distinctive history of supporting public service lawyers,” said Danielle Sorken, director of the center. “We look forward to the next phase of building an even stronger public service community.” 

    The center will launch officially at the annual Public Service Awards on March 28, 2017, an annual event at which the entire Law School celebrates students and alumni involved in public service. The keynote speakers will be attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, who were featured in the Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer.”

    The Public Service Law Center will bring together under one umbrella the many facets of the dynamic public service community at the Law School. Among the activities supported by the center are 28 ongoing pro bono projects, counseling for students and alumni on internships, clinics, and fellowships, and student programming. The center will foster community and intellectual life, offering skill-building programs, panels, reading groups, and workshops, as well as liaising with community partners throughout New York City. Two academic courses—Introduction to Public Interest Lawyering seminar and Pro Bono Scholars Program seminar—will be taught by the center’s administrators and faculty advisor.

    “The center’s name and mission aptly reflects the continued support of public service and social justice endeavors at the Law School,” said Professor Stacy Caplow, associate dean of professional legal education. “At the Center’s heart, its Director Danielle Sorken, Associate Director Jacqueline Cheney, and Faculty Advisor Dan Smulian sponsor, organize, inspire, advise, teach, and mentor our students as they build their careers in the worlds of public service and public interest."