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    10.09.14 Vice Dean Cahill Discusses Mandatory Minimum Sentences on BK Live
    Michael Cahill

    Vice Dean Michael Cahill, a criminal law scholar whose work has examined sentencing law and policy, recently appeared on local television program BK Live to discuss mandatory minimum sentences. Dean Cahill was joined by local filmmaker Ebony Underwood, whose latest work profiles the struggle of prisoners whose sentences are dictated by mandatory minimums that are incommensurate with their crimes. When mandatory minimum sentences were put into place, Dean Cahill explained, “The hope … was that they would lead to more deterrence, that they would prevent crime by sending a powerful message that certain kinds of things were going to be punished severely. But the social science [and] criminology studies since then have not indicated that there is much of an impact on crime from mandatory minimum sentences, so they’re not doing what they were meant to do. And they are leading to specific, concrete cases of injustice[.]”

    Watch the video interview here.