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    07.09.12 Professor Mark Noferi on Rutgers Webcam Case and Immigration in New Jersey Law Journal Op-Ed

    Professor Mark Noferi discussed the Rutgers webcam case in relation to immigration detention in a recent op-ed for the New Jersey Law Journal. The widely publicized case sentenced Dharun Ravi, an Indian immigrant, with 30 days in jail for bias intimidation that lead to the suicide of his gay roommate at Rutgers University. Although Ravi was not pursued by U.S. Immigration authorities for his conviction, Professor Noferi explained that many green card holders are unfairly punished by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for far lesser crimes, including indefinite imprisonment in immigration detention and deportation.

    “As a result, many immigrants, unlike Ravi, are detained without public attention, without representation and without a realistic chance to defend deportation to a country they hardly know,” wrote Professor Noferi. “And many older immigrants, with even stronger ties to America through a lifetime of work, family and friends, are deported later in life for crimes committed when Ravi’s age.”

    Read the full article.