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    05.10.12 Professor David Reiss Comments on Obsolete City Reports
    David Reiss

    Professor David Reiss recently spoke to Channel 13 News about New York's plan to overhaul obscure committees and reports that no longer hold any purpose. The new Report and Advisory Board Review Commission will assess bureaucratic groups, such as the Tattoo Regulation Advisory Committee and the Horse Drawn Cab stand Report, to determine whether they have become obsolete. One of these reports is the Zoning and Planning Report, which was supposed to outline future NYC developments but has never actually released any such agenda.

    Professor Reiss agreed that the Report is redundant, especially now that development plans are available on the Department of City Planning's website. “I’m in favor of some well-resourced arm of the city government thinking about the big picture,” said Reiss. “But [the Department of] City Planning doesn’t do comprehensive planning. It responds to proposals brought to it.”

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