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    04.04.12 Sixth Annual Sara Robbins Spelling Bee Raises Record Amount for Scholarship
    Spelling Bee

    The BLS community gathered in the Subotnick Center for the sixth annual Sara Robbins Spelling Bee. Hosted by BARBRI and the SBA, proceeds from the event go towards the Sara Robbins Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded each year to a deserving student who exhibits generosity and commitment to the Law School. This year’s spelling bee was the most successful to date—with over 100 attendees. BARBRI and the SBA raised $5,682 from the ticket sales and silent auction proceeds.

    The energetic audience cheered on spellers and heckled Dean Michael Cahill and Professors Derek Bambauer and Jane Yakowitz, the presiding judges. Onlookers were also able to bid on items donated by local businesses in a silent auction.

    SBA President Elliott Siebers and Professor Harold O’Grady opened the competition by speaking about Sara Robbins, Director of the Brooklyn Law School library for over two decades. They also welcomed Professor Robbins’ sisters, Kay Ehrenkrantz, Anne Robbins, and Marlene Robbins, who were attending the event for the second year.

    The spelling bee was playful and humorous, largely due to this year’s theme, “Arizona.” The theme’s subcategories included “Mexican food,” “old people,” and “guns/border enforcement,” which instigated frequent laughter among the crowd and spellers.

    After several hours of competitive spelling, Donald Glassman ’14 emerged as the winner, correctly spelling “clinquant.” Second and third places went to Erika Giovanetti ’15 and Perrie Malone ’13.