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    03.01.12 Brooklyn Law School Students among the First Interns in the State Bar Real Property Law Section’s New Internship Program
    Brooklyn Law School Students among the First Interns in the State Bar

    Four third-year students were chosen to be the first interns in a new New York State Bar Association Internship program, which only took students from Brooklyn Law School. The new interns are Jonathan Jacobs ’12, Yitzchak Kopel ’12, Inna Rudman, ’12, and Janine Stanisz ’12.  The students are working for clinical credit in a range of settings at First American Title Insurance Company of New York, Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, Olshan Grundman Frome &Wolosky, and Shearman and Sterling. The students are enrolled in the Transactional and Community Development Practicum taught by Professor Debra Bechtel .

    “The placements provide unique educational experiences,” said Bechtel. “I am very appreciative of the initiative taken by the Real Property Law Section and the commitment by the host offices to provide such substantial practical experience for our students.”

    David Berkey, a partner at Gallet Dreyer & Berkey and Secretary of the Real Property Law Section for the State Bar, spearheaded the new internship program, which is designed to provide practical experience and committed mentoring for the participants. “I am thrilled with Brooklyn Law Schools’ involvement and I’m impressed with the caliber of law students participating in the program,” said Berkey. 

    Jacobs, an intern at Gallet Dreyer & Berkey said that “this opportunity is different from many of my other internship experiences particularly because of the constant mentoring that my supervising partner provides.”  Rudman, an intern at First American Title Company, pointed out that “the company seems very committed to rotating me through various departments and crafting a useful experience for me.”

    Professor Stacy Caplow, Director of the Clinical Program, exclaimed that “this is a terrific partnership between the Law School and practitioners in real estate law.  We are fortunate to have gotten in on the ground floor of this innovative program.”