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    02.03.12 BLIP and Its Clients are Hot for Brooklyn
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin was recently featured in "Made in Brooklyn," a vimeo created by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, which supports tech startups and other companies in Brooklyn, and has a strong working relationship with the BLIP Clinic. The vimeo featured the founders and CEOs of successful Brooklyn-based companies and neighborhood organizations, exemplifying the center Brooklyn has become for entrepreneurs.

    “More and more, the young entrepreneurs driving NYC’s tech startup renaissance not only live in Brooklyn, they increasingly base their businesses and social and cultural life in Brooklyn,” said Professor Jonathan Askin, Founding Director of the BLIP Clinic. “I look at Brooklyn Law School as the necessary service support hub for this growing community of tech entrepreneurs. With our passion, devotion, guidance, and thought leadership, I’m convinced we’ll see many more great enterprises seeded in Brooklyn.”

    Over the past 4-1/2 years, the BLIP Clinic has provided free legal support for more than 100 entrepreneurs who live and/or work in Brooklyn. It has worked with many of the Brooklyn-based incubators, including the professionals at the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation, the Brooklyn Enterprise on Science and Technology at NYU/Brooklyn Polytechnic, Digital Dumbo, and 33 Flatbush, a co-working space for scientists, designers, technologists, and social entrepreneurs working out of the MERC building at 33 Flatbush.

    Among some of the specific BLIP clients are the following:

    • Goodnik (formerly is a community organization and event producer for social entrepreneurs. BLIP provides guidance into building an association to represent the needs of social entrepreneurs attempting to deploy the Internet and new technology to advance the public good.
    • Remas uses technology to improve the financial options of immigrants in the US. BLIP is developing a price comparison search engine and a text messaging tool to compare options for sending money home to other countries. BLIP is also creating tools for immigrants to access services at local banks and credit unions.
    • Weeels is a company using mobile apps and social networking to improve transportation efficiency, economics, and environmental sustainability.
    • Literacy in Motion is building a process by which youth may pick up and drop off books in MTA stations in an effort to build youth literacy.
    •’s mission is to educate homeowners on how they can save energy and money in their home. They do this by offering an interactive tool that walks each user through their home to explain do-it-yourself tasks as well as offering major appliance replacements, and solar and wind options. They then connect the homeowner to a local, qualified installer.
    • Dargelos is a designer of funky, safety-enhancing, eco-friendly clothing apparel who is seeking IP protection and possible incorporation in the near future.
    • Brooklyn Based is a Web site devoted to the culture and arts of Brooklyn.