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    01.30.12 Michael A. Sabino ’12 Wins the National Law Review Winter 2011 Student Legal Writing Contest
    Michael Sabino

    Michael A. Sabino ’12 was named the December winner of the Winter 2011 Student Legal Writing Contest sponsored by the National Law Review (NLR) for his article, “Football and Antitrust Law: American Needle v. NFL and Its Meaning for Combinations in Restraint of Trade and the Rule of Reason in the 21st Century.” His article was featured on the NLR homepage for the month of December, and will continue to be published on the site for two years.

    Sabino’s article focuses on the NFL lockout of its players and the U.S. Supreme Court’s antitrust decision in American Needle. He argues that the ruling “directly implicated not just the lockout, but how sports’ richest and most powerful league will conduct its business in the future.” His article examines how the Supreme Court determined that the NFL is not a single entity, but rather a grouping of separate entities, each with individual bargaining power in the marketplace.

    His interest in antitrust law and issues of corporate and business law have led him to research, write, and publish an impressive number of articles while a law student. Sabino has published four other articles: “From Chiarella to Cuban: The Continuing Evolution of The Law of Insider Trading,” published in the Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law (March 2011), and three articles in Natural Gas & Electricity: “Shale-Gas Case Ringing Alarms in State-Level Mineral-Rights Law (December 2011), “Why BP Will Not Go Bankrupt,” (August 2010), and “Supreme Court Defines Broad Role of Mobile Sierra—Protecting All Parties,” (March 2010, lead article).

    As an undergraduate at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business, Sabino developed an interest in business law and began to write op-ed pieces reflecting his views. “Writing is something I enjoy,” he said. “The biggest piece of advice I received since starting law school is the importance of writing, and most people say the best way to become a good writer is to write. I guess I really took that advice to heart.”

    Sabino is currently an intern for Leonard Wexler, U.S. District Court Judge of the Eastern District of New York. He held several internships during law school, including the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts, Organized Crime Strike Force; the Hon. Leonard B. Austin, Appellate Division, Second Department, New York State Court; and the District Attorneys of New York, Queens, and Nassau Counties.