• Articles

    Confirmatory Legislative History
    James J. Brudney

    But That Is Absurd!: Why Specific Absurdity Undermines Textualism
    Linda D. Jellum

    Passive-Voice References in Statutory Interpretation
    Anita S. Krishnakumar

    Penalty Default Interpretive Canons
    Rebecca M. Kysar

    The Real Politik of Writing and Reading Statutes
    Eric Lane

    Statutory Meanings: Deriving Interpretive Principles from a Theory of Communication and Lawmaking
    Mathew D. McCubbins
    Daniel B. Rodriguez

    Two Kinds of Plain Meaning
    Victoria F. Nourse

    Text or Consequences?
    Jane S. Schacter

    Naïve Textualism in Patent Law
    Jonathan R. Siegel

    Statutory Interpretation, Morality, and the Text
    Lawrence M. Solan

  • Notes:

    The Rules of Consumption: The Promise and Peril of Federal Emulation of the Big Apple’s Food Laws
    Victoria Bettina Browne

    The International Trade Commission and Changes to United States Patent Law
    Robert E. Bugg

    More Gore: Video Game Violence and the Technology of the Future
    Eric T. Gerson

    Debt Settlement: A Beast of Burden Without Any Reins
    Andrew T. Schwenk

    Gubernatorial Discretion Not Advised: The Case for Special Elections to Fill Senate Vacancies
    Ari L. Tran

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