Michael Cahill

Professor of Law

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Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Areas of Expertise

Criminal Law
Sentencing Law and Policy
Criminal-Code Drafting
Criminal Juries
Attempts and Endangerment Offenses

B.A., Yale University
M.P.P., University of Michigan School of Public Policy
J.D., University of Michigan Law School

The New York Times: Gigi Jordan Convicted of Manslaughter, Not Murder, in Son’s Killing


Professor Michael Cahill weighs in on an unusual case in which the victim had nothing to do with causing the acts that provoked the defendant’s despair.

Vice Dean Cahill Discusses Mandatory Minimum Sentences on BK Live

Vice Dean Michael Cahill, a criminal law scholar whose work has examined sentencing law and policy, recently appeared on public affairs television program BK Live to discuss mandatory minimum sentences.

Professor Michael Cahill on Drug-Dealer Bill


A bill has been proposed that would allow New York state law enforcement to charge drug dealers with manslaughter if someone dies from use of their products. Proponents of the bill say it will dissuade major dealers from sharing drugs with friends. However many legal experts disagree, arguing the measure is poorly worded and could implicate any drug user who has simply passed drugs to another. Professor Michael Cahill, who has worked on penal code reform, was quoted by Newsday on the dispute. He sides with other critics of the bill, explaining that it is too ambiguous by failing to address intent. He added pessimistically, "I know it's unprincipled and it probably won't work, but that doesn't stop states from passing these kinds of laws all the time."

Professor Michael Cahill Publishing New Article on Blackmail and the Law


Professor Michael Cahill was featured on the CrimProf Blog, a blog for law professors, for his new article, "Competing Theories of Blackmail: An Empirical Research Critique of Criminal Law Theory." The piece, co-written by Professor Paul Robinson from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and Professor Daniel Bartels from the University of Chicago, analyzes and critiques various current theories, as well as reveals the conflict between community views on the issue and existing legislation.

Professor Michael Cahill on Long Island Drunk Driving and Assault Case

Donna Powell, a Long Island woman who has admitted to drunk driving, defends her actions as an escape from assault. Professor Michael Cahill, an expert on criminal law, spoke to Newsday about the case. “It will be difficult to prove that Powell was in imminent danger of assault,” he said, “It’s also tough to say that the harm of drunken driving is clearly less serious than the harm of being assaulted. While Powell didn’t hurt anyone that night, she clearly could have.”