Law at the Frontiers


Law at the Frontiers

With the increasing exchange of information transacted in cyberspace, changes in the law and how it is studied have been significant. Our program addresses this evolution and the pressing need for new policy and a generation of tech-savvy lawyers.

Our goal is to prepare lawyers who are able to think holistically on every aspect of legal regulation, from parody and YouTube videos to software encryption. A Certificate in Intellectual Property, Media, and Information Law offers an advanced program for students who are interested in following a career in the field.

Our New York City location, home to Silicon Alley and the world’s media capital, offers the advantage of a legal education that is part classroom study, part immersion. Your fieldwork will be with the very entrepreneurs and startup companies in emerging technologies who are driving change. Our new Intellectual Property Colloquium exposes students to cutting-edge scholarship on intellectual property issues, while BLIP, one of our newest clinics, actually simulates a mini-law firm that helps start-up tech firms.

Collectively, our faculty members bring a remarkable range of experience to the classroom. Individually they have made outstanding contributions to the field. For example, Professor Jason Mazzone’s book, Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property, has quickly become a highly influential work and a widely used term for false claims of copyright.

Beyond challenging academics on topical issues, there are numerous programs run by our student organizations that provide interaction with graduates who are established in the field. In any given week there are roundtable discussions, lectures, and networking events with attorneys and business leaders who provide students with inside knowledge of the entertainment and media industries, and reveal the intellectual property legal challenges they face in a quickly changing landscape.