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    11.19.12 Stephanie D’Agostino ’13 Named Susan Solomon Intern by JALBCA
    Stephanie D'Agostino

    Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert (JALBCA), an organization dedicated to mobilizing the legal community of the New York City metropolitan area in the fight against breast cancer, has named Stephanie D’Agostino ’13 as its Susan Solomon Intern for 2012/2013. The internship includes a $400 monthly stipend for a 10 month position, from September 2012 through June 2013. Other students who received this internship include Evelyn D'Angelo '13 and Emily Craft Prince '08.

    As a JALBCA intern, D’Agostino will assist in the legal and medical research in preparation for JALBCA’s annual breast cancer symposium, and will coordinate the annual courthouse alert activities, which include sending mammogram vans to area courthouses for court personnel.

    D’Agostino, who is Notes and Comments Editor for the Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Finance & Commercial Law, has already dedicated much of her law school career to public service. She has interned at the Supreme Court - Criminal Term, at The Exoneration Initiative, the New York Country District Attorney’s Office, and the New York City Department of Investigation. She is currently in the Prosecutor’s Clinic with Professor Lisa Smith and hopes to join a District Attorney’s office when she graduates from law school.

    “We chose Stephanie because of her strong commitment to increasing awareness about breast cancer and her desire to help further our goals of promoting early detection and providing support to people who have breast cancer,” said the Honorable Jennifer Schecter, the President of JALBCA and a New York County Criminal Court judge. “She has excellent academic qualifications and interpersonal skills, which we are thrilled to put to good use at JALBCA.”