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    02.29.12 Miles Schreiner ’12 Wins American College of Legal Medicine Student Writing Competition
    Miles Schreiner ’12 Wins American College of Legal Medicine Student Writing Competition

    Miles Schreiner ’12 has been awarded the 2012 Hirsh Award by the American College of Legal Medicine (ACLM) for his article, A Deadly Combination: The Legal Response to America’s Prescription Drug Epidemic. His winning paper was among 50 received by the ACLM. 

    Schreiner’s topic focuses on reducing the serious abuse of prescription medications facing the nation today, and argues that the legislative and judicial branches at the state and federal level can limit the flow of prescription drugs to abusers by supporting and improving prescription drug monitoring programs. “The prescription drug monitoring programs are effective tools in curbing prescription drug abuse and can provide doctors with valuable information that may help save patients’ lives,” Schreiner said.

    Schreiner’s interested in legal medicine and health law developed during his first year of law school. “Healthcare laws and regulations can be a matter of life and death for some people; it’s a highly relevant and interesting area of law,” said Schreiner. He credits two classes in public health law at the Law School for spurring his interest in the field: Public Health Law and Policy with Professor Karen Porter and Bioethics and Public Policy with Professor Marsha Garrison. He also received practical experience as a legal intern at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and as a clerk at the Law Offices of Michael Gunzburg, which enabled him to learn more about both sides of medical malpractice and regulatory healthcare issues. “Brooklyn Law School has a terrific range of health law classes and opportunities for those interested in the healthcare field,” he added.