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    10.12.11 Professor Jonathan Askin on "Occupy Wall Street" Protests in the Christian Science Monitor
    Jonathan Askin

    In a recent article, the Christian Science Monitor examines how social media became a driving force for the growth and spread of "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations. Individuals and organizations on both sides of the dispute--from protesters and their supporters to political strategists and public safety officials--are paying close attention to the onslaught of digital information. Professor Jonathan Askin argues however that making sense of the raw data is much more complicated. He explains the predicament to the Christian Science Monitor: "Everyone, even each protester, is a real-time microblogger or photojournalist. The problem now is in filtering, curating, dissecting and synthesizing meaningful media content from the endless flood of isolated data. We have the tools to create, upload, and disseminate the need information for informed public discourse, he adds, “but we still lack the curation tools needed to make sense of the dramatic changes occurring through these new social protest movements.”

    Read the full article.