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    10.05.11 Ilan Wong, ’12 Receives NYS Bar Internship to work at FINRA
    Ilan Wong

    This past summer, Ilan Wong ’12, had the opportunity to work at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), through the New York State Bar Association’s Kenneth G. Standard Diversity Internship Program. The program offers second-year students from diverse backgrounds 12-week paid internships at FINRA. The competitive internship allowed her to immerse herself in an exciting, fast-paced environment in the field of securities regulation where she has had a long-standing interest.

    Wong spent the previous summer as an associate at Morgan Stanley, and was excited to go “from the regulated to the regulators,” she said. While Wong remains interested in securities regulation, the experience she gained this past summer in finance, she said also helped her to explore other areas such as corporate and transactional law.

    Wong credits her interest in these areas of the law in part to the mentorship she received from Professor Roberta Karmel, who helped to crystalize her interest and expose her to new ideas and opportunities in the field. “Professor Karmel has been really helpful. I took Corporations and one other course with her and she helped me to explore my interests and begin my job search.” Wong has continued working closely with Professor Karmel as her research assistant, where she is exploring new facets of finance and corporate law. She is also currently serving as a legal extern at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    Wong grew up in Taiwan and is a fluent speaker of both English and Mandarin. She is considering combining her language, legal, and cultural experience to explore professional opportunities in East Asia after she graduates. While she is not sure what the future holds, she noted that she is excited to make the most out of the opportunities for real-world legal experience she has encountered since she enrolled at Brooklyn Law School.

    “The more sides of the issues I work on, the more I see how it all comes together,” she said. “I’m excited to see what career options are out there for me.”