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    06.24.11 Professor Gerald Shargel on Tort Reform Documentary in Daily Beast Op-Ed
    Gerald Shargel

    In an op-ed for The Daily Beast, Professor Gerald Shargel reviews the new documentary Hot Coffee, about those who seek to reform tort policy. The film was created by former civil tort plaintiff Susan Saladoff and explores how big corporations have attempted to diminish 7th Amendment rights to limit victims' access to the courts. The documentary's title comes from an infamous case in which a woman was burned by "too hot" coffee from McDonald's and was awarded $2.9 million--a case that has since been painted as the basis of frivolous lawsuits. Professor Shargel praises the film, saying, "More than simply compensating victims, meritorious lawsuits can force corporate or individual defendants to change or modify the behavior that caused the harm or injury. Hot Coffee lends a strong voice to those who favor fundamental fairness in redressing well-founded claims."

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