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    02.04.11 Brooklyn Law School Library Wordle Competition Fosters Innovative Approach to Accessing Legal Documents
    image of flyer

    As part of its ongoing efforts to promote its resources to students and alumni, the Law School Library has created a fun way to raise awareness of important legal documents found in its collection. Students and alumni should enter its monthly Wordle Contest!

    To participate, go to Click on the Wordle Contest link to begin. Guess the official title of the legal document (from around the world), which the Wordle describes and provide the Bluebook citation. It’s that simple.

    Emerging Technologies Librarian and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law Karen Schneiderman is the creator of each of the wordles designed for the contest. She said, “It’s a fun way for the Law School community to learn more about our resources and historic cases important to the legal community and I’m enjoying the challenge of creating them.”

    The winner will receive a gift certificate to the Law School Book Store. Contestants may only submit one entry per monthly contest. Learn more about the contest.

    The Brooklyn Law School Library has thousands of legal documents in its print and electronic collection. The Law School community of students, faculty, and staff enjoy unlimited access to its resources. Current Alumni Association members are also entitled to use the Library’s print resources and many of its digital resources for research purposes. Join today.