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    11.04.10 Brooklyn Law School Hosts “A Day in the Life of a Law Student”
    group of students

    Recently, seven high school students from the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice (SLJ) shadowed seven Brooklyn Law School students to learn more about what being a law student is like. This was part of SLJ’s ongoing partnership with the Law School, which seeks to engage inner city public high school students through legal studies and involvement with the Law School community.

    The SLJ students attended class with their matched BLS students, visited Professor Richard Farrell during office hours, attended BLS study group sessions, studied in the library, and visited the Kings County Family and Housing Courts. SLJ students were nominated by their teachers to participate based on the level of leadership they have demonstrated at school.

    SLJ’s Enrichment Coordinator, Stacy Kehoe, who helped plan the event, said, “‘A Day in the Life’ is one of our favorite programs at SLJ. Our students are eager to interact with the outside world, and when presented with the opportunity to shadow a law student for a day they jump on it. While the program only lasts a few hours, our students reflect on that time throughout their high school career.”

    Catherine Frizell ‘12, BLS's Liaison to SLJ, who worked with Kehoe, said: "By providing the high school students access to our everyday experiences as law students, we are demystifying the law school experience for students who are truly interested in pursuing a legal education, but who may not have had the opportunity to spend time talking to law students and legal professionals. The program also provides an opportunity for us as law students to speak positively with the high school students about our experience in law school so far. The excitement the SLJ students brought with them to the law school at the beginning of the day on Friday was palpable.”

    The SLJ students spent time with SBA President Judith Soto, LALSA Co-Chair Marisa Dominguez, BLSA President Michelle Poakwa, BLSA Community Service Chair Tierrance Charles, BLSA 1L member Danielle Evans, and 1L volunteers Jacki Lewy and Emily Hendel, and they participated in various activities designed to boost their interest in the law.

    SLJ has had a partnership with the Law School since 2004. In addition to “A Day in the Life of a Law Student,” SLJ students participate with BLS students in Moot Court Week and Race Judicata, which take place in the spring.