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    10.08.10 Professor Jonathan Askin Sought After News Commentator on Technology Issues
    Jonathan Askin

    Brooklyn Law School professor Jonathan Askin is the founding director of the Brooklyn Law Incubator Clinic (BLIP), which functions like a law firm that represents Internet, new media, communications, and other tech entrepreneurs and innovators on both business and policy advocacy.

    Askin has 15 years of experience in the communications industry in both the public and private sectors. He played a key role in the tech task force of President Barack Obama’s election campaign, served as president and general counsel for the Association for Local Telecommunications Services, and was a senior attorney at the Federal Communications Commission.

    Askin, a sought-after and frequent news commentator on anything technology related, has recently commented in:

    Fox Business News and Computerworld: on Crowdsourcing on Internet privacy policy issues
    TechCrunch, The Daily Beast, and The Business Insider: on Google, Verizon Compromise, Net Neutrality Debate
    ECommerceTimes: on Facebook Lawsuit, Verizon’s $90M Reimbursement
    Christian Science Monitor: on FCC regulations, Social Media and Elections
    New York Post: on a public ad campaign and art
    This Week in Law podcast: on Net Neutrality Debate
    IT & Telecom News: on FCC regulations
    Law360: on Consumer Reports’ Review of the iPhone

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