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    04.30.10 Professors Joel Gora and Susan Herman in Wall Street Journal on Campaign Finance Restriction and the ACLU
    Joel Gora

    In an editorial for the Wall Street Journal, Professor Joel Gora, along with Floyd Abrams and Ira Glasser, explores the ACLU’s new stance on campaign finance restrictions. Until recently, the ACLU was among the only liberal groups to defend limitless campaign contributions as protected by the First Amendment. It now accepts “reasonable government limitations on contributions to candidates,” a position, Professor Gora argues, that will ultimately favor incumbents and lessen the voice of challengers.

    Read Professor Gora's article.

    In response, Professor Susan Herman, who is also President of the ACLU Board of Directors, wrote a letter to the editor of the Journal, defending the group’s position. She emphasized the ACLU’s thorough discussion of the issue before shifting its policy: “The decision to revise the policy in order to permit reasonable limits on contributions to candidates is an acknowledgment that very large contributions may lead to undue influence or corruption that can undermine the integrity of the electoral process.”

    Read Professor Herman's letter to the editor.