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    12.21.09 Read the Latest Issue of BLS LawNotes
    photo of a professor

    BLS LawNotesThe latest issue of  examines the greening of big business. We spotlight five pioneering alumni who are working in the fields of real estate, energy, and tax to create sustainable paths for enterprises that seek to grow and thrive while minimizing adverse environmental impact.

    Also in this issue are profiles of faculty who recently received tenure, and an article introducing the outstanding group of faculty who joined us this fall.

    Other news in the magazine highlights the activities and accomplishments of our students, and in particular, the important pro bono work they did this past year to help domestic violence victims, immigrants, the unemployed, asylum seekers, veterans, and dozens more in need. Our students have also done an impressive job of raising money for fellowships and the Urban Assembly School for Urban Justice.

    Finally, read Professor Brakman Reiser’s article on Google’s innovative for-profit philanthropy division. She has become a go-to person on issues involving governance and accountability in the nonprofit sector. In her article, she examines Google’s ground-breaking philanthropy business, exploring its origins, its contributions, and the potential pitfalls it faces.