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    10.25.13 BBLA Presents: Closing the Deal - Using Your Law Degree in Finance
    BBLA logo

    Thursday, October 24
    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Student Lounge
    250 Joralemon Street

    The transition from law to business has been identified as an accelerating trend among law school graduates. Highly motivated businessmen and entrepreneurs who have taken their law degrees and applied the legal skill set to go on and enjoy extraordinarily successful business careers will share their experiences and offer guidance. Featuring: Burton Fried '64: Former CEO and Chairman of LVI, industry and private equity executive, entrepreneur, Brooklyn Law School; Kyun Park: Founder and Managing Partner of Aperion Management, private equity, NYU Law School; Whit Williams: Founding Partner of PennantPark Investment Corporation, mezzanine finance, credit hedge fund, UVA Law School; Keith Hamlin: Founder and Managing Partner of Hammerline Capital, venture capital, real estate, Harvard Law School; Robert Klein: Managing Director at Prospect Capital Corporation, private equity, Stanford Law School.

    No RSVP required. Contact for more information.

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