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A rich program of symposia, forums, conferences and seminars on emerging and topical issues are sponsored by our Centers of Excellence, our law journals, and our fellowship programs.

Upcoming Programs

BLS Symposium - "Religious Freedom and Equal Treatment: An International Look"
October 11, 2013

How legal systems address threats to religious freedom, as well as the use of religious liberty claims to limit equal treatment, varies dramatically around the world. This conference will gather distinguished global experts from the academic and advocacy communities to discuss legal and advocacy challenges in different parts of the globe; offer new theoretical and doctrinal approaches to the potential conflict between these most fundamental individual rights; broaden the academic debate and develop new advocacy strategies; and build lasting cross-border networks among academics and advocates.

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IBL Symposium: What Law Governs International Commercial Contracts? Divergent Doctrines and the New Hague Principles
Co-sponsored by the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law and the Brooklyn Journal of International Law
October 18, 2013

With the continued dramatic growth of international commerce, a critical question has become even more important: What law governs the contracts behind the commerce? This symposium explores the perspectives of both current law and the “best practices” represented by the draft Hague Principles.

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Symposium - The CFPB After a Year
Co-Sponsored by the Center for Business Law and Regulation and the Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law
March 2, 2012

This conference will look at the CFPB in its first year and evaluate what it has accomplished so far, and future initiatives it may undertake. It will bring together CFPB officials, practitioners, and academics who are uniquely qualified to examine these issues. The participants will also discuss how best to protect consumer borrowers from lender overreaching in a manner that is sensitive to the functioning of credit markets and the banking system.

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Symposium: Private Data/Public Good: Emerging Issues in Trade Secrets Law
Cosponsored by the Trade Secrets Institute and the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law
April 4, 2012

This inaugural symposium, to be held by the Trade Secrets Institute, will focus on emerging issues in trade secrets law and the tension between the rights of information owners and the public. The first panel will address data mining, at issue in the recent Sorrell v. IMS Health decision. The second panel will discuss the public health implications of trade secret protection. A welcome and introductory remarks will be given by the New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman.

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Symposium - Comparative Approaches to Systemic Risk and Resolution
Sponsored by the Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law and the The Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law
February 25, 2011

This symposium took a comparative look at the different strategies that have been used to deal with systemic risk, both domestically and abroad. The Resolution Authority was considered in light of alternative domestic regimes, such as state insurance resolution, SIPC and the PBGC. The symposium also considered the approaches followed in Germany, the UK, the EU generally, and Canada. Finally, the symposium considered the sales of Chrysler and GM in bankruptcy.

Throughout, the symposium the complex interaction between market discipline and the role of governments in maintaining financial market stability was discussed. Dodd-Frank is neither the starting point nor the end point of the theoretical and policy discussions, and this program informed both.

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Symposium: The Evolving Legal Status of Adolescents, One Foot in Childhood and One in Adulthood
Sponsored by The Journal of Law and Policy and the The Center for Health, Science and Public Policy
March 18, 2011

At an interdisciplinary symposium held on March 18, entitled “Adolescents in Society: Their Evolving Legal Status,” panelists addressed the many complex issues that lie ahead for lawyers, educators, and others working with adolescents in the field.

Over 150 practitioners and scholars participated in the full-day symposium, co-sponsored by Brooklyn Law School’s Center for Health Science and Public Policy and the Journal of Law and Policy and organized by Professors Cynthia Godsoe and Karen Porter, the Executive Director of the Center.

At the heart of the discussions was the transformation of the rights and protections accorded adolescents over the past decade, whether through court decisions, legislation, or social change.

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David G. Trager Public Policy Symposium: Sharing the Blame: the Law and Morality of Punishing Collective Entities
Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Law, Language and Cognition and the Journal of Law and Policy
February 5, 2010

Does it make sense to impose blame on a group as a group, as opposed to its individual members? Even if blame is appropriate, how do we decide the proper form and amount of punishment? How do we even conceive of a group as having its own independent existence or identity? The answers to these questions have significant implications for the scope and enforcement of criminal law. The symposium sought to derive broad general insights from various academic disciplines and considered the practical legal applications of those findings. It also addressed the psychological processes that lead people to treat groups as having independent existence, and the moral and philosophical consequences of doing so.

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