• Symposium: The Products Liability Restatement: Was it a Success?

    Brooklyn Law Review Editors

    Product Liability’s Parallel Universe: Fault-Based Liability Theories and Modern Products Liability Law
    Richard C. Ausness

    Implied Reverse Preemption
    Anita Bernstein 

    The Tort-Proof Plaintiff: The Drunk in the Automobile, Crashworthiness Claims, and the Restatement (Third) of Torts
    Ellen M. Bublick 

    Preemption’s Rise (and Bit of a Fall) as Products Liability Reform: Wyeth, Riegel, Altria, and the Restatement (Third)’s Prescription Product Design Defect Standard
    Richard L. Cupp Jr. 

    On Restating Products Liability Preemption
    Mary J. Davis 

    The Value of Consumer Choice in Products Liability
    Mark A. Geistfeld 

    The Unappreciated Congruity of the Second and Third Torts Restatements on Design Defects
    Michael D. Green

    This Is Your Products Liability Restatement on Drugs
    Lars Noah 

    Design Defect Ghosts
    David G. Owen 

    Post-Sale Duties: The Most Expansive Theory in Products Liability
    J. David Prince
    Kenneth Ross 

    Territorial Claims in the Domain of Accidental Harm: Conflicting Conceptions of Tort Preemption
    Robert L. Rabin 

    The Two Explosive Proof-of-Causation Doctrines Central to Asbestos Claims
    Jane Stapleton 

    Strict Liability for Defective Product Design: The Quest for a Well-Ordered Regime
    Larry S. Stewart 

    Manufacturers’ Liability for Defective Product Designs: The Triumph of Risk-Utility
    Aaron D. Twerski
    James A. Henderson, Jr. 

  • Notes:

    Dirty Digits: The Collection of Post-Cut-Through Dialed Digits Under the Pen/Trap Statute
    Marcus M. Baldwin 

    A Compromise Solution to Prevent Fraudulent Claims Under IIRIRA Section 601(a): A System of Conditional Grants
    Orly Gez

    An Appealing Split: Filing an Appeal After a Plea Bargain: Is Counsel Obliged to File a Meritless Appeal?
    Tamar Kaplan-Marans

    An Opportunity for Reform: Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association v. Brentwood Academy and NCAA Recruiting
    Jon Perrelle

    Compassion Without Competence: Mandating a Financial Oversight Committee in New Disaster Relief Nonprofit Organizations
    Hema V. Shenoi

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