• The Second Circuit Review: 1999-2000 Term


    The Role of the Departure Power in Reducing Injustice and Unwarranted Disparity under the Sentencing Guidelines
    Hon. John S. Martin, Jr.


    The Brooklyn Museum’s Controversy and the Issue of Government-Funded Expression
    Arthur N. Eisenberg

    Analytical Approaches in Search of Consistent Application: A Comparative Analysis of the Second Circuit Decisions Addressing Gender in the Asylum Law Context
    Pamela Goldberg

    What Would Learned Hand Do?: Adapting to Technological Change and Protecting the Attorney-Client Privilege on the Internet
    Joseph W. Rand

    Sporty’s Farm v. Sportsman’s Market: A Case Study in Internet Regulation Gone Awry
    Alanna C. Rutherford

  • Essays:

    The Second Circuit Addresses Gender-Based Violence: A Review of Violence Against Women Act Cases
    Julie Goldscheid

    Fine-Tuning Tasini: Privileges of Electronic Distribution and Reproduction
    Wendy J. Gordon


    Seeking Enlightenment from Above: Circuit Courts Split on the Interpretation of the Reform Act’s Heightened Pleading Requirement

    In Search of a Smoking Gun: A Comparison of Public Entity Tobacco and Gun Litigation


    The Disclosure of Politically Sensitive Species’ Location Information Act: On Whether Audubon Society’s “Puzzling Situation” Should be Addressed by Legislation

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