Current Issue: Volume 65, Issue 3

  • Articles:

    The Privilege's Last Stand: The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination and the Right to Rebel Against the State
    Michael S. Green

    Liriano v. Hobart Corp.: Obvious Dangers, the Duty to Warn of Safer Alternatives, and the Heeding Presumption
    Hildy Bowbeer
    David S. Killoran

    Book Review:

    A Democratic Society's Response to Juvenile Crime: American Youth Violence by Franklin E. Zimring 
    Hon. Michael A. Corriero

  • Notes and Comments:

    Indexing Capital Gains for Inflation: The Impacts of Recent Inflation Trends, Mutual Fund Financial Intermediation, and Information Technology

    Internet Pornography in the Library: Can the Public Library Employer Be Liable for Third-Party Sexual Harassment When a Client Displays Internet Pornography to Staff?

    "Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad": The Issue of Standing in Animal Legal Defense Fund, Inc. v. Glickman and its Implications for the Animal Rights Movement

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