• Articles:

    Private Equity’s Three Lessons for Agency Theory
    William W. Bratton

    The Role of Financial Regulation in Private Financial Firms: Risk Management and the Limitations of the Market Model 
    James A. Fanto
    Are Leveraged Buyouts a Form of Governance Arbitrage?
    Dale A. Oesterle
    The Impact of “Going Private” on Corporate Stakeholders
    Kent Greenfield
    Looting: The Puzzle of Private Equity
    Daniel J.H. Greenwood

  • Notes:

    Another Small Step for the Second Circuit Might Be a Giant Leap for Section 43(A) of the Lanham Act
    Cynda E. D’Hondt

    Dueling Over Dual-Use Goods: The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Misguided Attempt to Promote U.S. Security and Trade with China through Restrictive Export Controls
    Andrew F. Diamond

    Corporate Free Market Responsibility: Addressing Rights Violations with a Fiduciary Duty Approach to Natural Resource Extractions in Weak Governance Zones
    Seher Khawaja

    Where Do We Go From Here? The Battle Against Predatory Subprime Lending
    Paul M. Schwartz

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