Fall 2014 Workshops

9/11  Lawrence Solan, Brooklyn Law School
Precedent in Statutory Interpretation

9/18  Dana Remus, University of North Carolina School of Law
The Dangers of Commoditized Law

10/2  Jonah Gelbach, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Material Facts in the Dispute over Twombly and Iqbal: Using Defense Summary Judgment Grant Rates To Measure the Quality of Cases Affected by Changes in Pleading Policy

10/16  Michael Waterstone, Loyola Law School/Los Angeles
Disability: The Promise and Perils of Low Political Salience

10/30  Rose Cuison Villazor, University of California at Davis School of Law
American National: Neither Citizen Nor 'Alien'

11/13  Alafair Burke, Hofstra University School of Law (visiting at BLS)
Consent Searches and Fourth Amendment Reasonableness

Spring 2014 Workshops

1/16 W. Bradley Wendel, Cornell Law School
Lawyers and Fidelity to Facts

2/13 David Kamin, NYU School of Law
Basing Budget Baselines: How We Should Define Our Fiscal Future

2/27 Chris Beauchamp, Brooklyn Law School
The First Patent Litigation Explosion

3/6 Hilary Allen, Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
Why Wall Street Isn’t in Jail

3/20 Brad Snyder, University of Wisconsin Law School
The House of Truth

4/3 Douglas Berman, Moritz College of Law/Ohio State University
The Foolishness of Finality Concerns for Sentencing Purposes

4/10 Darrell Miller, Duke Law School
Second Amendment Institutions

4/24 Alison La Croix, University of Chicago Law School
The Interbellum Constitution and the Spending Power

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