Seminar: Topics in Federal Courts: the 2010 Supreme Court Term

Credits: 2.00
Faculty: Alan M. Trammell

This seminar will focus on a close reading of the cases from the most recent Supreme Court Term. We will read unedited Supreme Court cases, including some of the Term's blockbuster opinions as well as more quotidian decisions. The seminar is an opportunity to engage with recent jurisprudence, study the Court's decision-making process, and examine the breadth of the Court's docket: constitutional, statutory, and regulatory decisions as well as the Courts original jurisdiction. Students will be required to write short reaction papers and a longer paper that may satisfy the upper class writing requirement. The longer paper, which will focus on one of the cases, will be due prior to the seminar during which we discuss that case. Students who write a substantial paper may earn an additional credit with prior permission of the instructor.