Selection Process

How Will PIPS Fellows be Selected?

PipS Fellows apply for the Fellowship during their 2L year.  Both BLS and the employer will screen candidates through a rigorous selection process.  If selected, Fellows commit to work for the employer for two years and will take appropriate courses during the balance of their 2L year.

Student Qualifications

PipS Fellows will be selected based on numerous factors:

  • Record of academic success
  • Strong research and writing ability
  • Ability to meet specific requirements of particular partner
  • Ability to meet BLS graduation requirements
  • Ability to meet NY Court of Appeals and ABA requirements
  • Maturity and readiness for work
  • Willingness to commit to partner/employer for TWO years, or accept special conditions
  • Willingness to work at fellowship salary level for one year
  • Willingness to forego other employment searches
  • Learn more about the PipS program structure.


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