Scholarship Stories

Scholarship Stories

BLS students are smart, hardworking, and highly motivated. They are the next generation of lawyers and the future of our legal system – and the vast majority need significant help financing their education. Scholarships enable more students to get the most out of their BLS experience – whether it’s through their participation in the law journals, Moot Court Honor Society, or an array of unique fellowships – without the interference of financial stress. To gain an understanding of how scholarships impact our student’s lives, we encourage you to read these inspiring scholarship stories.

  • Brooklyn Law School - Brendan Buschman '15

    A Barry L. Zaretsky Fellow

    Brooklyn Law School appealed to Brendan Buschman ’15 because of its esteemed reputation, location, and the generous scholarship package he received. Additionally, he was drawn to its excellent, part-time J.D. program. (Brooklyn Law School is the first institution in the New York metropolitan area to enable students to earn a J.D. in 2 years, and the only law school in the area to offer a range of flexible 2-, 2.5-, 3-, 3.5- or 4-year options to adapt to all prospective students’ needs.)

    Despite teaching high school during the day and attending law classes in the evenings, Brendan still found time to serve as the Executive Notes and Comments Editor for the Journal of Law and Policy.

    Brendan’s interest in bankruptcy law was influenced by late father, the Honorable Howard C. Buschman III, a bankruptcy judge in the Southern District of New York. He was accepted to the Barry L. Zaretsky Fellowship, which was established in honor of Professor Zaretsky and is awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence in the field of bankruptcy or commercial law. As a Zaretsky Fellow, he worked with faculty members and graduates in developing program content and materials for use in connection with the annual Zaretsky Roundtable. The experience was among his most memorable at BLS: I researched and wrote a bench memo for discussion among bankruptcy judges, practitioners, and scholars. It was wonderful to attend the discussion and watch these experts address a novel topic in bankruptcy law.”

    Brendan is the recipient of the Barse Family Scholarship, established by David M. Barse ‘87 in memory of his father, Lawrence P. Barse ’58, to assist an upper-class student who has demonstrated academic excellence in the areas of securities or bankruptcy law, and shows exceptional promise in business or law. Brendan was also awarded with the Metrick Family Scholarship, established by Harry Metrick ’31, Neil Metrick ’81, and Richard Metrick ’68 to assist a deserving third or fourth year evening student who has family obligations.

    Brendan is extremely thankful for these scholarships: “I am an evening student who works full-time and has a wife and a toddler at home, and without help, I would not have been able to pursue my legal education and career goals. I am humbled and honored by your generosity.”

  • Brooklyn Law School - Scholarship Stories

    "People spend 40+ hours a week at their jobs. So workplace rights become human rights. Employees and employers need passionate advocates to balance the interests on both sides."  

    Brian DeShannon ‘15 has focused his education and career goals around this sentiment through a commitment to Labor and Employment Law. During his 1L year, he co-founded the Labor and Employment Law Association (LELA), and he has served as LELA’s President for the past 2 years.Uniting students who are passionate about this area of the law, Brian recounts that“LELA has allowed me to create strong bonds with current students and practitioners passionate about the L&E law field. It's a close community of lawyers in this area.”

    Through LELA, Brian has organized numerous alumni career panels, in which BLS graduates come in and speak to current students about specific career opportunities in L&E law, day-to-day responsibilities, and guidance on how to excel in this field: “Many of our events are aimed at bringing alumni back to BLS to talk with current students through career panels. They share their words of wisdom about navigating the post-law school career path. It allows students to talk directly with the practitioners they will eventually be practicing with, whether it’s management-side, plaintiff-side, or governmental. ​

    Additionally, we held our first alumni night last year and honored Professor David Leach ’76 for all of his help in getting the group up and running, as well as for all the contributions he has made to the L&E law field. We will hold our second annual alumni night later this semester.”

    Brian has received additional experience in Labor and Employment Law though his participation in BLS’s Employment Law Clinic, which provides students with the opportunity to represent low-income workers who have recently lost their jobs and are having difficulty getting unemployment insurance benefits. The clinical experience was extremely meaningful to Brian: “We represented people that needed help during a really rough time. Under the guidance of Professor Kotkin, my partner and I were able to get three different clients their unemployment benefits. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in law school.”

    BLS prides itself on the recruitment of bright and talented students like Brian. A Brooklyn Law School education would not be a reality for many students were it not for the generosity of alumni in establishing or supporting endowed scholarships. The recipient of a Centennial Grant and the Vito J. Pitta Labor Law Scholarship, Brian says that the generous scholarship package he received made attending law school go from “unmanageable to manageable.”

    The Vito J. Pitta Labor Law Scholarship was established by Vincent F. Pitta ’78 — in memory of his father, Vito J. Pitta, who devoted his career to advocating for the rights of workers — to assist a student who has excelled in the area of labor law. Of receiving the scholarship, Brian says, “It has helped me finance my legal education and minimize the amount of law school loans over the last three years. The fact that the scholarship is in the honor of a man so dedicated to workers’ rights makes it all the more special.”

  • Brooklyn Law School - Brendan Gibbons '15BLS Professors Make the Law School What It Is

    When Brendan Gibbons ’15 visited Brooklyn Law School, he was struck by how “warm and welcoming” the campus felt and the “collaboration between the students and faculty.” Over the past 3 years, he has been greatly impressed by the faculty’s accomplishments, expertise, and support of their students: “BLS professors make The Law School what it is.”

    Brendan is the Associate Managing Editor of the Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial, and Commercial Law, a student run business law journal, specializing in corporate, financial and commercial law subjects, including securities and bankruptcy law. He is also the Vice President of the Appellate Division of the Moot Court Honor Society. This year, the team competed in Oxford, England and was a semi-finalist.

    After completing his 1L year, Brendan was offered an internship with the United States Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York. Working closely with attorneys on affirmative civil frauds and bankruptcy litigation, he drafted motions and assisted the supervising attorney in preparation for a Second Circuit oral argument. Additionally, he observed trials, oral arguments, proffer sessions, settlement discussions, and depositions in the District Court and the Second Circuit.

    The following year, Brendan secured a position as a Summer Associate at Kaye Scholer LLP. His responsibilities included drafting memoranda on a variety of issues including antitrust, bankruptcy, contract, and employment law, and representing a pro-bono client in a social security appeals hearing before an administrative law judge.

    Brendan is the recipient of the Abraham and Ruth Markhoff Memorial Scholarship, established in memory of Abraham Markhoff ’30, a distinguished practitioner, and Ruth Markhoff, by their devoted children, to be awarded to a worthy student.

  • Brooklyn Law School - Scholarship Stories

    Your Generosity Allows Students to Give Back through Pro Bono Opportunities

    Brooklyn Law School students are extremely driven and passionate about their coursework and future careers. Additionally, many still find the time and heart to give back through different pro bono opportunities. One such student is Justin Druke ’15 who, since 2012, has been involved with the Suspension Representation Project (SPR).

    SPR is an advocacy group that trains law students to represent New York City public school students in superintendent’s suspension hearings and help safeguard their right to education. As a Senior Advocate, Justin represents middle school students who have been suspended in an administrative hearing. His responsibilities include conducting client interviews, advocating for his clients at the dispositional phase, developing case theories and strategies, cross-examining the school’s witnesses, direct-examining his clients, and presenting closing arguments. He is the Intake Manager for SPR, as well as the 3L Advisor, where he advises advocates on complex issues that arise during representation. As Co-Chair, he recruits and trains advocates and intake managers, runs board meetings, and plans general body meetings and events.

    Justin recounts how on Thanksgiving Day 2013 “I received a voicemail from a former pro bono client who called to say he was thankful for my advocacy on his behalf. With my co-advocate, we were able to get the charges dismissed and the student returned to school with an unblemished record.”

    Justin is also involved in The Street Vendor Pro Bono Project, a partnership between Brooklyn Law School and the Street Vendor Project of the Urban Justice Center, a nonprofit organization that advocates for a more equitable environment for vending in New York City. Through this partnership, Justin represents street vendors who have received tickets for violations in an administrative hearing.

    His achievements in representing vulnerable populations have not gone unnoticed. He is the recipient of the Dean’s Recognition Scholarship, the Dean’s Merit Scholarship, and the Academic Achievement Scholarship. He has been awarded the Florence and Bert Subin Scholarship, established by the distinguished graduates Florence Subin ‘75 and the late Bert Subin ‘55 in grateful appreciation to Brooklyn Law School. Additionally, he is the recipient of the Steven E. Elbaum and the Bruce E. Fader Scholarship, founded by Steven S. Elbaum ’74 and Bruce E. Fader ’74. The scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated academic excellence, and who, as Steven and Bruce did, are working while attending law school full-time.

    These scholarships were the determining factors in Justin’s decision to attend Brooklyn Law School. He recounts how excited he was: “I really wanted to come to Brooklyn Law School. I called my family and told my friends I would be attending BLS. I am very grateful for these scholarships.”

  • Paul Fraulo ’15: Future Patent Lawyer

    Paul Fraulo’15 chose to attend Brooklyn Law School because he wanted to be a patent lawyer. He saw the opportunity to be in Brooklyn while attending law school on scholarship as ideal for launching his career.

    His experience with science and technology has made him an invaluable member of the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy (BLIP) Clinic. Through BLIP, he has worked with numerous startups, helping them with their basic legal needs including choosing an appropriate business structure and developing an IP protection strategy.  His work included everything from performing patentability searches for clients’ inventions, to actually filing patent applications, always while collaborating directly with clients.

    Paul also organized the Transactional Law Team while at BLS:“I founded the team and competed in the LawMeet Competition with two older students during my 1L year, and we were fortunate enough to win an award for the best Draft Amendment. As a 2L, I organized a team and coached them for their competition down in Texas. This year, Professor DeBarbieri has taken over the process, while allowing me to continue helping to coach the team. I am pleased to say the team will likely survive as a learning opportunity for BLS students for years to come.”

    Paul’s extensive list of extracurriculars also includes working as the Articles Editor of the Journal of Law and Policy, competing and coaching as a member of the Moot Court Honor Society – Appellate Division, and serving as one of three Trade Secrets Institute Fellows.

    He is the recipient of the Gerald Baylin Scholarship, established by the Estate of Gerald Baylin ‘53, in his memory. Gerald Baylin, a World War II veteran and a successful New York City litigator, was renowned for his sharp intellect and legal skills. The scholarship is awarded to a student of outstanding ability with a background in science, math, or engineering.

  • Brooklyn Law School - Yosef Gindoff '15

    Future Tax Lawyer 

    When Yosef Gindoff ’15 was applying to different law schools, he was drawn to BLS’s high reputation, notable alumni, and prominent course offerings, especially in tax law and intellectual property law, two areas that greatly appealed to him. The deciding factors for him were BLS’s prestigious part-time program and the generous scholarship package he received:

    At the time, BLS’s evening program was ranked number 1 in the New York area. When I entered law school the job market for lawyers was not at its prime. When I compared the employment statistics of many schools, I realized the price of law school tuition was grossly disproportionate to the employment and salary rates of law school graduates. With the large possibility of unemployment upon graduation, I did not feel comfortable assuming such a large debt. Brooklyn Law School was the best school in the NY area to offer me a large enough scholarship that I felt comfortable with the amount of debt that I would need to assume.”

    During his 1L summer, Yosef completed an internship with Judge Leon Ruchelsman of the NYS Supreme Court – Civil Term. At the time, the NYS Supreme Court 2nd District was experiencing a 13 month backlog of uncontested matrimonial applications, and the court’s law department was experiencing difficulty in preventing the backlog from growing larger. When Yosef learned of this, he decided to stir interest in the program amongst the interns in the court:

    “I helped the court’s law department organize trainings, and I recruited and oversaw interns for the program. I arranged a system of training, preparers and reviewers to efficiently utilize the available interns. The program lasted two weeks, had at least twenty interns participate, and helped clear a few months’ worth of the court’s backlog of applications.”

    Using the management and training skills he developed through this experience, Yosef now oversees BLS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Overseen by the IRS, VITA is a volunteer tax preparation program that provides low-income individuals with free tax preparation services. Since Yosef began overseeing VITA at Brooklyn Law School, the program has become significantly more successful: there has been increased interest in the program, more students have volunteered, and the training's have become more straightforward.

    Regarding his career goals, Yosef says, “I am interested in tax law, and plan to work at Deloitte Tax upon graduation. I would like to get my LLM in taxation at some point in the future, possibly in a part-time program after I settle in at Deloitte Tax.”

    He is the recipient of the Phyllis Mehler Seavey and Robert W. Seavey Scholarship, established by Phyllis Mehler ’52 and Robert W. Seavey ’52. It is to be awarded to a student who, in the opinion of the Dean and the faculty, has evinced a high potential for success in the previous academic year, has demonstrated a commitment and ability to achieve academic excellence, and is in need of the funds provided by this award. 

    Yosef has also been awarded the Carswell Scholarship, established in honor of William B. Carswell, a distinguished Justice of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court who served as dean of BLS from 1945 to 1953. Under Dean Carswell’s leadership, Brooklyn Law School survived the financially difficult post-war years, experienced a dramatic increase in enrollment, and entered into an era of great prosperity.

    Yosef’s achievements have further been recognized by his receiving an Academic Achievement Scholarship, a Centennial Grant, and a Dean’s Merit Scholarship.

  • Using the Law as a Tool for Social Change

    A glimpse at Amanda Shapiro’s ’15 resume quickly depicts her commitment to women’s rights. Her pro-bono experience alone includes assisting a domestic violence survivor seek an order of protection through the Courtroom Advocacy Project (CAP), starting the Resiliency Advocacy Project (RAP) which makes policy recommendations for trafficked women’s health, and observing reproductive health clinics to ensure the protection of legal rights as a Clinic Observer through the National Lawyers’ Guild.

    Brooklyn Law School has been instrumental in helping Amanda learn about the various issues surrounding women’s rights. She excelled in her Women and the Law class and served as Co-Chair and Resident Blogger of BLS Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ). During her second term as Co-Chair she was excited to experience the organization’s growth: “We have increased our membership and presence on campus twofold, and have broadened our base to be more inclusive.” Through the Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellowship, Amanda worked at AEquitas, a non-profit in Washington, D.C., dedicated to improving the laws regarding violence against women through partnerships with prosecutors, legislators, and other practitioners.

    Amanda is the recipient of the Bertram Bronzaft Scholarship, established by Robin Bronzaft Howald and family and friends established this scholarship in loving tribute to Bertram Bronzaft ’61. It is awarded to a deserving student who has demonstrated academic excellence as an Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellow, a program that Mr. Bronzaft helped create. Amanda feels incredibly privileged to have received this scholarship: “I went to law school to pursue public interest and women’s rights law; and, therefore, I knew that my career was not going to be as economically secure as some other legal careers. This scholarship has taken an enormous weight off my shoulders and has allowed me to focus on exactly what I’d hoped in law school – using the law as a tool for social change.”

  • Brooklyn Law School - Mark Sorensen '15From the Detroit Tigers to Allen & Overy LLP

    Brooklyn Law School appealed to Mark Sorensen ’15 because of its location in Brooklyn Heights, its excellent reputation throughout New York City and beyond, and its strong alumni network. His decision to attend BLS was most influenced, however, by the generous financial aid package he was awarded.

    These scholarships allowed him to enroll at BLS full-time, complete an unpaid internship, and pursue a career that is both meaningful and satisfying to him: “Law school continues to get more and more expensive, and with the up and down nature of the legal market, scholarships like these allow students to take a chance and pursue a career that they are interested in. This scholarship allowed me to move to New York, where I ultimately want to live and work, and gave me the opportunity to network and make connections in the legal industry.”

    Through the BLS On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Program, he landed a position as a Summer Associate at Allen & Overy LLP. His responsibilities included conducting due diligence and contract review for planned mergers and acquisitions, attending and assisting in real-estate closings, and researching labor and employment issues in anticipation of a corporate merger.

    Allen & Overy was so impressed with this Mark that they offered him a job following graduation: “I am looking forward to joining Allen & Overy in their corporate department. I am excited about the opportunity to work on cross-border deals for an international law firm. I also am interested to see how the things we studied in school, which sometimes seemed purely academic or theoretical, can be used in the actual practice of law.” 

    Mark is the recipient of the Frank P. and Sylvia M. Bassin Memorial Scholarship, established by the Estate of Sylvia M. Bassin in honor and memory of Sylvia’s husband, Frank B. Bassin ’29, which is awarded annually to a student in good standing who has financial need. He was also awarded an Academic Achievement Grant, a Dean’s Merit Scholarship, and a Richardson Scholarship, which honors William Payson Richardson, the co-founder of Brooklyn Law School and its dean from 1901 to 1945.

    A talented baseball player, Mark pitched for Michigan State University before being drafted by the Detroit Tigers and playing in their minor-league system from 2008-2012. He has been able to apply his passion for baseball at BLS by serving as the Vice President of the Brooklyn Entertainment and Sports Law Society (BESLS), which educates members on current legal issues in the entertainment industry and provides networking opportunities for members and alumni with an interest in entertainment law.

  • Brooklyn Law School - Liren Chen '16Barry and Evelyn Salzberg Inspire Liren Chen ’16 to Help Others Succeed

    Liren Chen ’16 credits her decision to attend BLS with the Law School’s renowned professors, diverse student body, and multitude of course offerings, clinical programs, and fellowships.

    She was impressed with how respected and knowledgeable the faculty members are, many of whom are extremely well-known in their specific fields. More importantly, she feels that BLS professors are incredibly supportive of their students and dedicated to creating a positive and engaging learning environment. She loves the diversity of the student body, which is a representation of the diversity of New York City.

    Through the Community Development Clinic, Liren had the opportunity to represent community development corporations, cultural institutions, affordable housing providers, and small businesses that serve underrepresented communities: “I enjoyed working in a team and providing valuable legal services to the local community. I have learned a lot through the clinic and feel my contribution was appreciated.”

    Liren is the recipient of the Barry and Evelyn Salzberg/Deloitte Foundation Scholarship, established by Barry and Evelyn Salzberg and the Deloitte Foundation, and is awarded to a student of minority background with an interest in accounting, economics, or business. The scholarship includes mentorship with Salzberg ’77 and his 11 partners, and reflects the importance that BLS played in Salzberg’s own life.

    Liren is extremely appreciative of this scholarship: “(This) support has been instrumental in helping me acquire new knowledge and life skills. The scholarship not only provided me with the means to attend law school but also serves as an inspiration and constant reminder that we all benefit when we help each other to succeed. I hope to use the tools I’ve acquired to further develop my own career and contribute to the community around me.”  

    She is also involved with the Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial, and Commercial Law, which specializes in corporate, financial and commercial law subjects, including securities and bankruptcy law. She feels that the research, writing, and editing skills she developed through this experience will greatly contribute to her future legal career.

    After graduation, her goal is to “utilize my acumen in an impactful way by serving underserved communities, creating a supportive environment to my peers, and becoming a positive role model to those around me.” With her humble attitude and strong work ethic, we at BLS have no doubt that Liren will accomplish all this and much more.

  • Brooklyn Law School - Taylor Dougherty ’16A Passion for Public Interest Legal Work

    Taylor Dougherty ’16 describes how the professors at Brooklyn Law School are dedicated to helping their students succeed: “The faculty is truly superb, and the opportunity to sit in on Professor Gora’s Constitutional Law class (as a prospective student) and receiving a personal email from him the next day offering to answer any questions I might have, opened my eyes to the type of learning environment I would be a part of as a student at BLS…Professors I’ve never worked with have made time to meet with me to discuss my Law Review Note topic, and my Criminal Law professor, Vice Dean Cahill, sent a personal note of congratulations upon hearing I was named Best Overall Advocate at my recent Moot Court competition in Oxford, England.”  

    Taylor is involved with BLSPI (Brooklyn Law Students for the Public Interest), a student-run, nonprofit 501c3 organization at BLS that encourages and enables student participation in public interest legal work. Its mission is to meet the legal needs of underrepresented communities and individuals.  

    As a BLSPI Fellow, Taylor completed an internship with the Elder Law Unit in the Brooklyn Branch of Legal Services. The Elder Law Unit provides legal services to low-income, elderly New Yorkers, almost exclusively in the realm of landlord-tenant litigation. One of the clients she worked with had a landlord who had begun eviction proceedings based on back-rent from more than two years prior, despite the client insisting that she was current on her rent. After looking through the landlord’s billing records, Taylor and the attorney she was working with quickly determined that the arrears in question were barred by the doctrine of laches. When presented with this information, the landlord’s attorney withdrew the petition. The experience was deeply meaningful to Taylor and demonstrated how absolutely necessary and life-changing legal services are, and how important it is for everyone – especially vulnerable populations - to have access to them.

    Taylor’s dedication and passion for social justice have not gone unnoticed. She is the recipient of the Robert T. Cherry Memorial Scholarship, established by Anise Cherry, the wife of Robert T. Cherry ’50, a distinguished practitioner in the area of workers’ compensation. It is awarded annually to a student who has shown exceptional promise in the area of tort law. Additionally, she has been awarded the CALI Excellence for the Future Award in Torts, and has received the Carswell, Glasser, and Dean’s Merit Scholarships.

    Taylor is impressed with how “BLS is constantly finding new ways to support students in pursuing their personal career paths. I am honored that soon I’ll be a member of a powerful network of alumni who are all doing their part to make a difference in the legal community, and am deeply appreciative of all those alumni who support current students in innumerable ways, assisting us in our own journey to join their ranks.”

  • Brooklyn Law School - Scholarship Stories

    I am a first generation college graduate and I will be the first person in my family to earn an advanced degree

    Always wanting to go to law school in New York City, Brittany was thrilled to receive her acceptance letter to Brooklyn Law School. After visiting BLS, she felt that "the friendly and supportive environment created by the faculty and students was the best place for me to excel."

    Brittany is the recipient of the Carswell Scholarship, established in honor of William B. Carswell, a distinguished Justice of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court who served as dean of BLS from 1945 to 1953. Under Dean Carswell’s leadership, Brooklyn Law School survived the financially difficult post-war years, experienced a dramatic increase in enrollment, and entered into an era of great prosperity.

    Brittany is very thankful for this scholarship: "My experience at Brooklyn Law School has been incredibly rewarding and continues to present me with new and exciting challenges every day. I am a first generation college graduate and I will be the first person in my family to earn an advanced degree. I would not have had this opportunity without your incredible generosity in which I am very grateful."

    Brittany serves as an Upper Class Delegate and ABA Representative on the Student Bar Association (SBA). She loves being involved with SBA: "I am proud that I am able to give a voice to my fellow classmates in situations where they may not have the opportunity to advocate for themselves. I am so lucky to be able to work with the students on SBA. We all help each other grow and learn to become the best leaders we can be."

    Additionally, she has been selected to be Business Manager next year of The Brooklyn Law Review, a scholarly journal of analysis and commentary covering a broad range of current legal issues, and serves on the Fashion Law Committee of the BLS Entertainment and Sports Law Society. She will begin working at Goodwin Procter LLP this summer.

  • Brooklyn Law School - Scholarship Stories

    As Student Body Treasurer, Robert Raghunath ’16 is Proud to Serve the BLS Community  

    Robert Raghunath’s ’16 decision to attend Brooklyn Law School was influenced by his desire to establish professional relationships and pursue a legal career in New York City. Additionally, he was impressed by BLS’s expansive and diverse alumni network, distinguished faculty, and broad array of in-house clinics and externships.

    Last spring, Robert was elected Student Body Treasurer of the Student Bar Association (SBA). He describes how he is “proud to serve the Brooklyn Law School community through the management of student organization funding and the planning of educational, networking, and social events.” He is also “excited to have the opportunity to work alongside the highly intelligent and motivated students who sit with (him) on the SBA’s executive board, for the purpose of enhancing the student experience and the school’s internal and external reputation.”

    As Student Body Treasurer, Robert is developing invaluable “communication and negotiation skills with a wide variety of parties, managing peers, working in teams with other leaders, and thinking critically under pressure.”

    These skills will help him navigate his career goals of practicing securities law, deterring misconduct in the financial sector, and becoming a Commissioner of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.  

    Robert is the recipient of the Richardson Scholarship, which honors William Payson Richardson, the co-founder of Brooklyn Law School and its dean from 1901 to 1945, and the Lark-Barranco Scholarship, named for Sumner H. Lark ’16 and Augustin P. Barranco ’04, two of the Law School’s earliest minority graduates, who exemplify the rich tradition of diversity that characterizes BLS.

    Additionally, Robert has been awarded the Sara Robbins Scholarship, established by family, friends, and members of the BLS community in memory of Professor Sara Robbins, Director of the Law Library for over 20 years. Recipients of the Sara Robbins Scholarship emulate her generosity of spirit, commitment to excellence, and dedication to the Law School. 

    Robert deeply appreciates having been awarded these scholarships: “The financial assistance you provided will be of great help to me in paying my educational expenses, and it will allow me to focus more of my time on studying. Thank you again for your generosity and support. I promise to continue serving the Brooklyn Law School community, and commit my time and efforts to succeeding inside and outside of the law school. I hope to follow your lead by eventually giving something back to future generations, both as a mentor and a potential scholarship donor.” 

    Last semester, he completed a legal externship with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), in its Office of Fraud Detection and Market Intelligence. He conducted preliminary investigations into broker-dealer misconduct, including misrepresentation of financial products, improper acceptance of gifts from customers, failure to disclose conflicts of interest, and inadequate supervision. He worked closely with the Deputy Director of the Central Review Group to determine if brokers committed violations of FINRA rules, and drafted analysis reports recommending appropriate treatment of any misconduct. Additionally, he assisted attorneys in preparing for an on-the-record interview with a broker accused of converting client assets.  More recently, Robert was accepted to intern at the Securities and Exchange Commission's in its Student Honors Program.  He is excited to practice securities law at a Federal regulator of the financial industry.

  • Brooklyn Law School - Scholarship Stories

    “By far, my proudest law school moment occurred when I was offered a position on the Moot Court Honor Society, Appellate Division.”

    Between completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at Queens College and beginning law school, Suzanne worked behind a desk and was not confident with her public speaking skills: “The first year competition was extremely difficult, and I was sure that my nerves would get the best of me.” However, with hard work and a lot of determination, she was able to conquer her public speaking fears and successfully presented her oral arguments to the judges. This hard work and determination paid off when she received an offer to join the Moot Court Honor Society.

    The Moot Court Honor Society is one of BLS’s most distinguishing features. Throughout the year, students enhance their oral advocacy and writing skills by preparing for and participating in mock trials. Involvement in the Moot Court Honor Society provides alumni with the opportunity to have a direct impact on current BLS students. Along with faculty, alumni help teams prepare for competitions by critiquing their arguments and supporting them in developing issues for legal research and written and oral advocacy.

    Suzanne credits her participation in Moot Court with “advancing my speaking and writing skills, which will prove vital to my success as an attorney.”

    She is also involved in the Journal of Law and Policy, a scholarly journal of analysis and commentary whose mission is to promote the debate of law related issues and public policy through the publication of articles written by legal scholars, law students, and distinguished members of the legal and policymaking communities.

    She is a recipient of the Sheila Fireman Seider Scholarship, which was established by Harold Seider in memory of his wife, Sheila Seider, Class of 1959, awarded to a worthy student selected by the Scholarship Committee, and a Merit Scholarship, awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement.

    These scholarships are what made it possible for Suzanne to receive a Brooklyn Law School education: “Thanks to these scholarships, I was able to attend the law school that I most wanted to attend. Benefactors like Mr. Seider are truly vital in the education system, and I hope to one day achieve this level of success so that I, too, can give back to BLS. I will never stop appreciating this generous gift.”

  • Your Support Allows Students like Ifza to Achieve Their Dreams!

    The daughter of Pakistani immigrants, Ifza moved to the United States from Pakistan with her parents and five older siblings when she was two years-old. She had been seriously considering a career in medicine but her interest in attending law school emerged when she spent three weeks in Pakistan during her junior year of college and experienced a complete “culture shock.”

    Wanting to visit the school of a 9 year-old worker, the child informed her that this was “improper” because of their class differences. 

    She was struck by the intensity of being in such a “stratified society” and the experience jolted her “out of her bubble” and sparked her passion regarding race and the law.

    A graduate of Columbia University, Ifza Riaz is a first-year student at Brooklyn Law School and the recipient of the William Brown Carswell Memorial Scholarship. One of BLS’s two highest merit scholarships, it was established by Charlotte E. Riegger, the late wife of William Brown Carswell, and is awarded to entering students of extremely high caliber. Ifza is also the recipient of the Dean’s Merit Scholarship, a supplementary merit scholarship provided to further recognize and financially assist exceptionally distinguished 1L students.

    Ifza has further been awarded the Humphreys Family Opportunity Prize, an immediate impact scholarship generously provided by Debra G. Humphreys, Class of 1984 and BLS Board Member, and her husband, David. This scholarship is granted annually to a deserving female student who has shown significant promise in the areas of either tax or corporate law.

    Ifza’s credentials and impressive resume illustrate the characteristics embodied by all three of these scholarships. While still in her sophomore year at Columbia, Ifza founded the regional chapter of Camp Kesem, a 501c3 nonprofit that provides free summer camp to children whose parents have had cancer. She launched an Advisory Board for Camp Kesem, received a $10,000 grant from the LiveStrong Foundation, and became the Foundation’s Community Impact Project beneficiary.

    Recently, Ifza completed an internship with the Vera Institute of Justice, where she assisted the Director of Development to identify potential foundations and individual donors to provide financial support for Vera.   

    Ifza’s decision to attend Brooklyn Law School was solidified by the generous scholarship package awarded to her. “The scholarships I received are a major reason why I’m here at BLS.”

    Keeping law school affordable is one of BLS’s highest priorities. The ability to offer generous financial aid packages and scholarships helps Brooklyn Law School attract the kind of students we are known for—students who are capable and committed to making a difference in their professions and communities. The goal is to make a legal education accessible to all students who are capable of, and interested in, the intense level of engagement that Brooklyn law School offers, regardless of that applicant’s aid status.

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    Alyshia McGuire ‘18 Encourages Community Members to Engage in their Society

    Alyshia McGuire ‘18 decided to attend Brooklyn Law School because of its flexibility and commitment to supporting nontraditional students. Her decision was solidified when she visited BLS and received “an amazing impression at an accepted students’ roundtable.” She was inspired by the personable atmosphere and friendliness of the other students. Additionally, she felt that BLS would support her goal of entering a public service career.

    She recently completed a fellowship with Organizing for Action in which she participated in phone banks and other grassroots events, and hosted outreach events. She says of her involvement that “the experiences of grassroots organizing and working to get community members engaged in their society are ones that everyone should experience. We as a people need to be more active in the civic areas of our communities. Working towards that goal meant a lot to me.”

    Alyshia is also a member of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) whose purpose is to serve the needs of the black law student, the black attorney, and the black community. It works with local units at other law schools to promote the professional needs of minority communities, and foster and encourage political and community involvement.

    Alyshia is the recipient of the Stuart and Anita Subotnick Foundation Scholarship, a fund established by the Stuart Subotnick ’68 and Anita Subotnick Foundation to aid a student in the evening division who is providing support for dependent children. The recipient must demonstrate both scholastic merit and need.

    She is extremely appreciative of the support provided by the Stuart and Anita Subotnick Foundation: “The journey I have begun is not an easy one. I am forever grateful for all the assistance I have received. This scholarship is a major building block in the structure of my legal career and I sincerely thank you for your kindness.”    

    Alyshia’s experience with Organizing for Action will support her future goals of a career in public service. She hopes to become a judge while continuing to build knowledge and protection of rights for those who need it. We at Brooklyn Law School have no doubt that Alyshia will not only accomplish these goals, but excel at them. 

  • Your Generosity Helps Support Diversity and Flexibility

    Sebastian’s interest in law emerged while he worked as a contract specialist for the Defense Intelligence Agency within the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. Later, as a contract analyst for the Financial Information Services Agency of the City of New York, he generated, issued, and managed over eight hundred thousand dollars’ worth of New York City contracts. He found the work to be extremely interesting, particularly the complex negotiations involved in government contracts, and felt that a legal education would help advance his career.

    Sebastian loves the diversity and the flexibility that Brooklyn Law School offers. BLS is the only law school in the New York metropolitan area to offer a range of flexible 2-, 2.5-, 3-, 3.5- or 4-year options to adapt to all prospective students’ needs. The extended 4-year J.D. program allows students like Sebastian, who work full-time, to attend law school without having to leave their jobs. He feels greatly supported by BLS, his professors, and his classmates, describing how the “comradery (between students) helps with the stress” of law school.       

    Sebastian is the beneficiary of the Sol and Wilfred J. Halpern Scholarship, a scholarship established by the Wilfred J. and Norma Halpern Foundation.  It was created in memory of Sol Halpern, Class of 1954, and in honor of Wilfred J. Halpern, Class of 1968, and is awarded to a worthy evening-division student who is attending the Law School in preparation for a career change. He is also the recipient of the Dean’s Merit Scholarship, a supplementary merit scholarship awarded to exceptionally prominent incoming students, and the Kaufman Book Prize. Established by the Robert M. Kaufman Book Prize Fund, the prize grants up to 100 BLS students $1,000 each for textbooks.    

    Earning these scholarships is a major reason Sebastian decided to attend BLS. He explains how receiving this financial assistance “provided him with the ability” to work toward his J.D. A graduate of Northeastern University, Sebastian is currently a Contracting Officer for the Public Buildings Service, Region Two, General Services Administration.

    At BLS, we are proud of our long-standing commitment to be a leader in promoting diversity in the legal profession. Our institution is blessed with a 114-year history as a pioneer, having long opened its doors to women, minorities, foreign students, children of working families and immigrants, and the less advantaged.  Our efforts to make legal education more affordable continue this tradition. Support of the Annual Fund and BLS’s scholarship program fits well with this goal and provides us with the opportunity to support law students at the crucial early stages of their legal careers.

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