GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade)

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Graduates of the last 10 years hold a special place at Brooklyn Law School — you’re the newest members of our powerful, worldwide alumni network.

There is strength in numbers. The number of individuals contributing to the Law School is just as significant as the dollars we raise. Whether your gifts come through the Annual Fund or a scholarship, GOLD members are the catalysts that energize the Law School’s implementation of its ambitious goals.

Working in all areas of the legal field as well as in the business and nonprofit sectors, GOLD alumni are passionate about their work and experiences. By giving back, in both time and contributions, the collective impact of GOLD strengthens the future of the Law School and the students.

  • Through the GOLD Leadership Council (formerly the Director’s Council and Recent Graduate Council), Brooklyn Law School is building its next generation of alumni leaders. Members serve as ambassadors for the Law School by:

    • Advocating for the interests of recent graduates
    • Engaging recent graduates in giving back through contributions and active participation in programs and events
    • Acting as a representative of Brooklyn Law School to the public at large

    Through the GOLD participation, Brooklyn Law School is building its next generation of alumni leaders and ambassadors.

    If you are interested in joining the GOLD Leadership Council, review the member expectations and contact to learn more.

  • Each of these Council members promote the importance of alumni participation, encourage attendance at GOLD events, and ask their classmates to join them in supporting today's students by giving through the Brooklyn Law School Annual Fund.

    Amy Fay Altman, Esq. '07*
    Thomas John Welling, Jr., Esq. '07*
    Matthew Jordan Chin, Esq. '07
    Shannon Margaret Haley, Esq. '08
    Kevin Zuzolo, Esq. '08
    Todd Donnelly Batson, Esq. '09
    John Michael Buhta, Esq. '09
    Ashley Elizabeth Fisher, Esq. '09*
    Tamar Batya Kaplan-Marans, Esq. '09
    Stefanie F. Kennedy, Esq. '10
    Jeremy Aaron Raphael, Esq. '10
    Christine M. Rodriguez, Esq. '10
    Sasha Lefkowitz Linney, Esq. '11*
    Paul Edward Means, Esq. '11
    David Ugelow, Esq. '11
    Erica Sari Youngerman, Esq. '11
    Julie Michele Adler, Esq. '12
    Sean Edward Comerford, Esq. '12
    Sean Philip Hymowitz, Esq. '12
    Paul Mark Rozenberg, Esq. '12
    Bev Callaway Wilson, Esq. '12
    David Lance Bayer, Esq. '13
    Joseph M. Binder, Esq. '13
    Christopher Thomas Dey, Esq. '13
    Christopher J. Logalbo, Esq. '13
    Leslie Sara Wellington, Esq. '13
    Mary Willis White, Esq. '13
    Sabrina Margret Bierer, Esq. '14
    Elizabeth David-Dembrowsky, Esq. '14
    Eric C Oliver, Esq. '14
    Justin R. Druke, Esq. '15
    Liana-Marie Lien, Esq. '15
    Kathleen Deborah Reilly, Esq. '15
    Ms. Taylor B. Dougherty, Esq. '16

    *Denotes 1901 Society Associate Member.

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