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Summer 2017 Program in Beijing

Brooklyn Law School - Beijing Summer Program

Sunday, May 21, 2017 – Saturday, June 3, 2017

Take your Legal Studies Abroad
The Summer Program at the University of International Business and Economics Law School (UIBE) is jointly sponsored by Brooklyn Law School and Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. UIBE’s concentration on a business and commercial law curriculum provides an ideal setting for the program’s international and comparative law focus.

The two-week program will run from May 21 - June 3, 2017 and will offer the following courses:

  • Global Perspectives on Juvenile Justice (2 credits)
  • Introduction to International Bankruptcy (1 credit)

International and Comparative Law Program
Students will have the opportunity to study at one of the most respected law schools in China, the University of International Business and Economics Law School (UIBE). Courses are taught by faculty from Loyola Law School and Brooklyn Law School, with lectures by prominent Chinese legal scholars and lawyers.

Students will study and live in Beijing, one of the world’s oldest cities and the capital of the People’s Republic of China, the world’s fastest growing economy. Beijing is the home of major government offices, including the Supreme People’s Court of China. Many of China’s largest state-owned and privately-held companies, as well as international corporations and law firms, have their headquarters in the city. Beijing is the epicenter of Chinese politics, economics, culture, and education. It is a bustling city with a thriving population of approximately 20 million people.

The setting provides an excellent backdrop for the study of international and comparative business law. It also provides an opportunity for students to witness a legal system and a society that are in the process of re-creating themselves. Guest lectures by distinguished Chinese scholars and practitioners and visits to Chinese legal institutions enrich the China Program experience.

Students will have the opportunity to explore China’s ancient history—the Forbidden City, Great Wall, and other important attractions that exist alongside modern developments such as the iconic Olympic Stadium and the spectacular National Centre for the Performing Arts. Students may choose to spend the weekend between classes visiting other cities, such as Xian or Shanghai.

To find out more about Beijing, view: "Beijing City Guide"

  • Eligibility and Acceptance
    Students who are in good standing and who have completed one year of full-time or part-time law study at a U.S. law school at the start of the program are eligible to apply for admission to the program for academic credit. Law students at universities outside of the United States who have completed a year of study and practicing attorneys are also eligible to apply to attend the program. Students from non-U.S. law schools and practicing attorneys will receive a letter from the office of the registrar for completed course work, but they will not normally receive academic credit from the program. CLE credit may be available.

    We are looking for a diverse group of interesting students who will bring various talents and backgrounds to the summer program, and who will particularly benefit from what it has to offer. Brooklyn and Loyola adhere to and support all legal requirements for non-discrimination and equal opportunity in all of their programs.

    You are advised to apply as early as possible, though no later than Friday, February 24, 2017 in order to secure a place in the program. We will consider applications received after February 24, 2017 so long as space remains.

    Last year, 25 students participated in the program, including one from a school other than Brooklyn and Loyola.

    Enrollment in the program is not limited to students from the United States. Occasionally a very small number of students from other countries, including China and Italy, have participated in the program. The vast majority of students who enroll, however, are from the United States, and the number or citizenship of foreign students that might enroll is impossible to predict.

    Good Standing Letters
    Students from Brooklyn and Loyola, by signing and submitting their applications, authorize their Registrars to verify their good standing.

    Students from other schools must submit letters of good standing. You are required to check with your school to determine your eligibility to attend the program. Letters of good standing are due by Friday, February 24, 2017.

    For additional information see Important Dates and Application Checklist.

  • Tuition and Fees

    Tuition for the program is $850 per credit and a $350 program fee to cover course materials, tours and social events. You may enroll for a maximum of three credits. Your $400 deposit, which must accompany the application, will be credited against the tuition. In early March, accepted students will receive a bill for the balance of tuition and the program fee. Your full tuition payment is due on Friday, March 17, 2017 and all deposits are non-refundable on that day. Read more about the Estimated Cost of Attendance.

    See Important Dates and Application Checklist for information on tuition due dates, withdrawals and refunds.

    Financial Aid
    Payment of tuition in FULL is required by March 17, 201
    . Even if you are applying for financial aid at your school, you must include a $400 tuition deposit with your application.

    Students who wish to apply for financial aid must first apply to the study-abroad program and should submit financial aid applications as early as possible. Summer is considered a separate term for financial aid awarding purposes. Financial aid for the summer term is not automatically awarded based on prior eligibility or acceptance to the program.

    Brooklyn Law School Students
    Brooklyn Law School students should contact Florence Attino in the Office of Financial Aid at (718) 780-7915 or florence.attino@brooklaw.edu.

    More information on summer loans for study abroad is available on our Applying for Aid page.

    Loyola Law School Students

    Loyola Law School students who wish to borrow loans must complete a Summer Study Abroad application and contact the Office of Financial Aid at (213) 736-1140 or financialaid@lls.edu.

    Other Schools
    Students who are not enrolled at Brooklyn Law School or Loyola Law School should comply with the section on consortium agreements below.

    Federal & Private Loans

    Financial Aid in the form of Federal Graduate Plus Loans (GPLUS) may be available for students enrolled in a total of 6 credits or more for summer programs. Thus, students who are enrolled in summer courses or internships for credit in addition to the study abroad program may be eligible for GPLUS Loans. Private Alternative Educational loans may be available for students enrolled in 1-5 credits. Students may borrow loan funds up to the cost of attendance (COA). The COA is determined by the Office of Financial Aid and includes tuition and fees, as well as an allowance for room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. Under no circumstance can financial aid exceed the cost of attendance.

    Federal regulations do not allow federal loan funds to be disbursed earlier than 10 days prior to the start of the program. Students borrowing Private Alternative Educational Loans should check with their lender as to the earliest disbursement date for their loans. Tuition costs may be deferred pending receipt of summer aid. However, students must be prepared to pay for some expenses (such as airfare) out-of-pocket before their loan funds are disbursed.

    Consortium Agreements
    Students who are not from Brooklyn Law School or Loyola Law School must obtain financial aid for program costs through their home institutions. Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid at their home institution to begin the consortium agreement process. There are several requirements that must be met before financial aid can be awarded and disbursed via a consortium agreement. Students should begin this process immediately after applying to the program.

    Consortium agreement forms must be mailed, or emailed to:

    Brooklyn Law School
    250 Joralemon Street
    Brooklyn NY 11201
    Attn: Florence Attino
    Email: Florence.attino@brooklaw.edu

  • Housing Costs
    Housing for the China Summer Program will be provided at the B&B Inn, a hotel that is conveniently located across the street from the UIBE campus and a short walk to the Chengxin Building. This hotel will serve as the main housing for students during the program. We reserve a block of rooms based on expected enrollment. Brooklyn Law School will bill you in advance for your hotel room, based on the number of nights you plan to stay. You may pay Brooklyn Law School for your hotel room by check or credit card. Should you decide to stay additional nights, the school will bill you accordingly.

    At current exchange rates, the cost of a single room is approximately $44.00 per day. The cost of a double room is approximately $22.00 per day, per person.

    We strongly encourage students to stay at the B&B Inn, because it is across the street from campus and is an inexpensive housing option.

    Alternate Housing
    Program housing is recommended, but not required. Students may opt out of program housing and make their own housing arrangements, in which case students will be required to submit their housing information (including address and telephone number) in writing, via email, debra.richards@brooklaw.edu.

  • Travel & Additional Costs

    Students will arrange and pay for their own round trip travel between the U.S. and Beijing. Several airlines fly from various U.S. cities directly to Beijing and some make connections in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Vancouver and other cities. Bear in mind when planning your trip that China Standard Time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time and 15 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time. Please read departure and arrival times and dates carefully when booking flights. You can check the travel sections of local newspapers or travel websites for discount airfares.

    STA Travel is a travel agency that specializes in student travel. It may offer a lower fare for the summer.

    Students are responsible for their meals. There are many restaurants near the campus as well as one on the campus itself. Beijing has a vast number of excellent, reasonably priced restaurants where students can dine for $15 to $20 per day.

    Internet & Cell Phones
    Internet service is available at no additional charge at the program hotels. There are also internet cafes in the neighborhood surrounding the campus. Students will also have access to a computer lab on the UIBE campus. Students with a cell phone using a GSM network can purchase a Chinese SIM card (although calls to the US are expensive). The cheapest way to stay in touch with home is to use email or a service like Skype. You may also wish to check with your U.S. carrier about its coverage in China and its international voice and data roaming services to see whether subscribing to them during your time in China is cost effective.

    Students should plan to bring a reasonable amount of money to cover personal expenses such as meals, souvenirs, local transportation, etc., and to provide a safety cushion for the unexpected. ATMs are available in the neighborhood surrounding the UIBE campus, and throughout the city.

  • Program Changes
    Brooklyn Law School and Loyola Law School reserve the right to make changes to the program. Should any significant changes to the program occur; students will be advised of the changes and given the option to withdraw with a full refund.

    Cancellation or Termination
    Brooklyn Law School and Loyola Law Schools reserve the right to cancel or modify the program should circumstances, such as the need to protect the health of students and staff, or to ensure the integrity of the program, or insufficient registrations warrant it. In the event that the program is canceled or terminated, students will be notified by email and, upon request, the program director will endeavor to assist students in finding a similar program.

    In the period since it was established in 1999, the program has been canceled in 2003, based on recommendations made by the World Health Organization due to the SARS outbreak in China and in 2014 because of insufficient enrollment. In 2008, the program was not offered due to concerns regarding housing availability, transportation issues and overall costs created by the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

    In the event that the program is canceled or terminated, the following refund policy will apply:

    • If the program is canceled prior to the commencement of the program, students will be notified immediately and issued a full refund. The program director will assist the students in identifying another suitable program, if the students so desire.
    • If the program is terminated during the course of the program, students will be notified immediately, given the opportunity to withdraw from the program, and refunded all tuition/fee charges except room and board charges utilized prior to withdrawal.

    Under no circumstances are Brooklyn Law School and Loyola Law School responsible for financial losses caused by travel arrangements due to the cancellation or termination of the program.

    Travel Warnings and Alerts
    In the unlikely event that the U.S. State Department issues a Travel Warning or Alert covering the destination and dates of the program, the following refund policy will apply:

    • If the warning or alert is issued prior to the commencement of the program, students will be notified immediately and given the opportunity to withdraw from the program with a full refund.
    • If the warning or alert is issued during the course of the program, students will be notified immediately, given the opportunity to withdraw from the program, and refunded all tuition/fee charges except room and board charges utilized prior to the withdrawal.
  • Students with Disabilities

    Brooklyn and Loyola Law Schools comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended. The Acts prohibit discrimination on the basis of a disability. Students who are requesting disability accommodations must provide supporting documentation.

    Brooklyn Law School students should contact Louise Cohen at 718-780-0377 or louise.cohen@brooklaw.edu.

    Loyola Law School students should contact Matthew Riojas at 213-736-8152 or matthew.riojas@lls.edu.

    If you attend a law school other than Brooklyn or Loyola, ask your law school to provide a letter describing the nature of the accommodation it has provided. The letter should be submitted to louise.cohen@brooklaw.edu.

    Although China has established accessibility standards, overall implementation has been slow. Facilities accessible to individuals with disabilities are more readily available, though still greatly limited, in major cities, like Beijing, and other tourist locations.

    UIBE facilities are accessible to most individuals with disabilities. However, there may be certain areas of the campus or aspects of extracurricular activities that may not be accessible or easily accessible. Faculty and staff will endeavor to meet the needs of individual students in these situations. Please contact Debra Richards at debra.richards@brooklaw.edu if you have any accessibility questions or concerns.

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