Pre-Bar Review I

This course surveys core U.S. legal doctrine in a number of areas including constitutional law, contracts, and property. Core subjects will be reviewed and analyzed and then serve as the foundation for practical application on the Uniform Bar Examination. Students will learn core strategies in reading, outlining, and writing essays as well as answering multiple choice questions. Students will do significant in-class and at-home timed practice work to learn how to direct apply these skills to bar exam-like settings. Students will also have 3 small-group sessions in which they will work with a recent alum, who is a former Pre-Bar Review student and first-time bar passer, on other aspects of the bar preparation experience. (Students not mandated to enroll in Pre-Bar may enroll in this class, space permitting.)

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade only. No pass-fail option allowed. Students' grades will be determined by a combination of two components: (1) essay writing, multiple choice, and study skills exercises throughout the semester and (2) a closed-book, bar exam-style final examination.