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Excel for Lawyers

Microsoft Excel is an important part of the practice of law. Attorneys receive information from their clients, accounts and financial professionals, other attorneys, expert witnesses, and litigation adversaries in Excel, and are expected to be facile with the program. Meanwhile, many lawyers also leverage the power of Excel to analyze evidence, compare damages scenarios, and develop financial models. Practicing attorney Ben J. Kusmin will join Professor Brad Borden to present this intensive hands-on course introducing law students to Excel. The course uses a problem-based approach to cover the basics of formatting spreadsheets, working with spreadsheet formulas, and analyzing data. The problems are simple to begin with, and grow progressively more challenging during the course, covering methods for effectively presenting information, linking and manipulating sheets and workbooks, performing advanced computations, doing financial modeling, and working with conditional formulas. Students become familiar with Excel by using it and watching others in the class use it. The course provides an excellent foundation for using Excel and developing more sophisticated Excel skills through continued use of the program.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Pass/Fail only.
Enrollment Notes:
Students must bring their own laptop to class and have Microsoft Excel installed.