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Clinic - Veteran's Rights

Students will work at an organization or agency that specializes in veteran's law issues and claims. Students will have the opportunity to work at the Urban Justice Center's Veteran Advocacy Project where they will represent veterans in a range of cases affecting entitlement status and receipt of health care and benefits. In particular, students may work on a military discharge upgrade application to the Board for Correction of Military Records (Department of Defense) or a characterization of discharge (COD) determination appeal (Department of Veterans Affairs). This work will require evidence-gathering, client interviewing, affidavit- drafting, working with forensic experts, and, finally, writing a brief. In some cases, students may be able to conduct a hearing. Students may also participate in larger projects, particularly involving research through Freedom of Information Act requests, and a resulting white paper. Seminar Credits: 2.00 Seminar: The clinic includes a 2-credit seminar in which students are taught specific substantive and procedural law, as well as the lawyering skills related to advocacy on behalf of veterans. The clinic will include discussion on the policies and politics that affect veteran's law, as well as the ethical issues that might arise in their cases.

Enrollment Notes:
Students enroll for one semester only.
Students will be graded pass/fail for placement credits and letter grade or the seminar.