Clinic - Pro Bono Scholars Program

Credits: 11 clinical (non-classroom); 1 classroom. In 2015, the New York State Court of Appeals created a program in which students in the final year of law school are able to devote their last semester of study to performing pro bono service for low-income individuals through an approved externship program. Students who meet the criteria established by the law school must apply for permission to participate in this program and, with the assistance of the Public Service Law Center, find a qualifying placement. Application procedures are set forth on blsconnect. During the spring of their 3L year, students will work full time for approximately 12 weeks (February or March to May) at the placement and will also complete an academic component at the law school. Pro Bono Scholars will have the opportunity to learn practice skills while also being exposed to the importance of serving clients of limited means. As a benefit of participating in the program, Pro Bono Scholars will be permitted to take the New York bar examination of February of their final year before graduation. Upon certification of their successful completion of the PBSP (both the placement and the academic component), PBSP students will be awarded the JD degree and will likely be admitted soon after graduation, assuming bar passage and a complete admission application.

Enrollment Notes:
Students must be administratively registered.
Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Grading for the fieldwork will be pass-fail. The academic component will be letter grade.