Clinic - Federal Civil Litigation NYC Law Department

Under the supervision of a Senior Counsel in the Special Federal Litigation Division, students represent the City of New York and its employees in connection with federal civil rights lawsuits against members of the Police Department and the Department of Correction. The students will have primary responsibility for all aspects of the cases, including preparing pleadings, conducting discovery, negotiating settlements, drafting motions, and appearing in federal court at status conferences or trials. Seminar Credits: 1.00 Seminar: The clinic includes a bi-weekly 1-credit seminar in which students receive formal instruction and training by the supervising attorney on relevant substantive legal issues, ethical obligations, and skills.

Enrollment Notes:
Students will be expected to work a minimum of 12-15 hours a week at the New York City Law Department. This clinic is limited to 2L students. Both the Clinic and the Seminar are full-year courses.
Letter grade only.