• Articles:

    Prima Paint Pushed Compulsory Arbitration Under the Erie Train
    Richard L. Barnes
    Against Shareholder Participation: A Treatment for McConvill’s Psychonomicosis
    Harry G. Hutchison
    R. Sean Alley

    Attorneys’ Fees Incurred in Defending Insurance Policy Non-Covered Claims: Who Pays?
    Joseph F. Cunningham
    with James N. Markels

    The Case for Mandatory Disclosure in Securities Regulation Around the World
    Allen Ferrell

    A European Solution to the Regulation of Cross-Border Markets
    Eric J. Pan

  • Notes:

    To Sue or Not to Sue: Video-Sharing Web Sites, Copyright Infringement, and the Inevitability of Corporate Control
    Andrea Frey

    Merkels & Acquisitions or Locusts and Labor Law: What’s Really “Plaguing” Cross-Border M&A in Germany?
    Margaret L. Hanson

    Hedge Fund Regulation: A Proposal to Maintain Hedge Funds’ Effectiveness Without SEC Regulation
    Carl J. Nelson

    The Need for a Long-Term Federal Backstop in the Terrorism Insurance Market
    Laura M. Reiter

    Be Careful What You Wish For: China’s Protectionist Regulations of Foreign Direct Investment Implemented in the Months Before Completing WTO Accession
    Eileen Francis Schneider

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