Nicholas Allard

Joseph Crea Dean and Professor of Law

250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 780-7902 |  Email
Areas of Expertise
Privacy, Technology, and Communications Law
Internet Law and New Media
Government Relations
B.A., Princeton University
B.A./M.A., Oxford University
J.D., Yale Law School

Dean Nick Allard on the ‘Business of Legal Education’ in Bloomberg Law Op-ed

9/25/2013 In a new Bloomberg Law op-ed, Dean Nick Allard highlights the need to strike a balance between preparing future lawyers to be critical thinkers and providing a legal education that delivers immediate value. The issue dovetails with President Obama’s recent endorsement of the 2-year J.D. concept.  Read More

Dean Nick Allard Featured as Frequent Commentator on Technology and Law

8/21/2013 Dean Nick Allard has published several articles this month, each of them framing recent technology-related headlines in a legal context. His writing has been featured in the New Jersey Law Journal, Thomson Reuters Westlaw, and Business Insider.  Read More

Dean Nick Allard Offers Perspective on Washington Post’s Future in Business Insider

8/20/2013 In a Business Insider op-ed, Dean Allard offered broader perspective on Jeff Bezos’ recent purchase of the Washington Post. Visionaries like Bezos create business and legal issues that never existed before, he wrote, opening up new frontiers for lawyers: “That’s what makes the legal profession a challenge and that’s what makes it fun.”  Read More

Dean Nick Allard Comments on Privacy vs. Safety in New Jersey Law Journal Op-ed

8/15/2013 In an op-ed for the New Jersey Law Journal, Dean Nick Allard examined the balance between protecting citizens’ safety and preserving their privacy in the era of “big data.” With potentially far-reaching implications, recent rulings foreshadow what will be a growing legal emphasis on privacy rights, which Dean Allard called “the biggest civil rights issue of our time.”  Read More

Dean Nick Allard on Demand for Energy Lawyers in Breaking Energy Op-Ed

7/29/2013 The Northeast has joined strongholds like Texas in the demand for energy lawyers, wrote Dean Nick Allard in a new Breaking Energy op-ed – a need that will only surge in light of an "insatiable demand for energy and the lack of a coherent energy policy."  Read More

Dean Nick Allard on Need for Lawyers in Compliance and Risk Management in New Yahoo! Finance Op-Ed

7/16/2013 In an op-ed for Yahoo! Finance, Dean Nick Allard highlighted the need for highly skilled compliance and risk officers – and the growing desire among hiring managers for J.D. degrees. Compliance officers not only navigate regulations behind mergers and corporate deals, but can also help facilitate “unimaginable growth and change of an industry,” Dean Allard wrote.  Read More

Chambers USA Lists Dean Nick Allard as Key Player #1 Ranked Government Relations Firm Patton Boggs LLP

6/3/2013 In the Chambers USA 2013 law firm rankings, Dean Nick Allard was named as a key individual at Patton Boggs LLP, tied at number one for firms specializing in government relations. Clients described Dean Allard to Chambers as "thoughtful and intelligent - he always finds different ways of tackling our problems. He's very effective."  Read More

Dean Nick Allard on the Relationship Between Startups and Lawyers in Fast Company Op-Ed

3/11/2013 In a recent op-ed for Fast Company, Dean Nick Allard discusses the important relationship between tech startups and lawyers. Much of the success of a startup company hinges on the guidance and optimism of its legal team, he explains.  Read More

Dean Nick Allard on President Obama’s Relationship with Washington Lobbyists

Dean Nick Allard recently spoke about President Obama’s restrictions on federal lobbyists serving in his administration. Dean Allard, previously the head of lobbying at Patton Boggs in Washington, D.C., said that the Obama administration must build confidence in the lobbying system. “It’s actually harmful to promote the canard that you can buy results in Washington and that our public officials are somehow duped by hypnotic influence peddlers,” he said.
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Dean Nick Allard Comments on Lobbying in the 21st Century

Dean Nick Allard spoke to Politico about the increase of business for lobbying firms in the new year. Dean Allard, a former top lobbyist for Patton Boggs, advised firms to take advantage of new media. “Lobbying is harder today than ever before but more necessary than ever before, given the volume and complexity of issues,” he said. “Lobbying firms that don’t adapt to today’s communication preferences — email and social media in particular — put themselves at risk.”
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Dean Nick Allard Named Rhodes Scholar of the Week

In early December, Dean Nick Allard was named the Rhodes Scholar of the Week. Dean Allard earned a Rhodes Scholarship at oxford University, where he earned a Masters degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.
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Dean Nick Allard Campaigns for Graduate Employment in the New York Law Journal

Dean Nick Allard was featured on the front page of the New York Law Journal calling for higher employment rates for recent law school graduates. In addition to discussing his transition from law practice to academia, Dean Allard talked about his goals for Brooklyn Law School.
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Dean Nick Allard Comments on NY State Pro Bono Mandate in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

9/21/2012 Dean Nick Allard recently spoke to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle about New York State’s new mandate for lawyers, who must now perform 50 hours of pro bono work to be licensed. Effective 2015, New York is the first state with such a requirement. Dean Allard supported the mandate.  Read More

Dean Nick Allard Discusses Campaign Financing on Al Jazeera

9/17/2012 Dean Nick Allard was featured on the Al Jazeera show Empire to discuss how the deregulation of campaign financing has affected the political process. As a former top lobbyist in Washington, D.C., he criticized the free-spending.  Read More

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Profiles New Dean Nick Allard

8/10/2012 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle recently profiled Brooklyn Law School’s new dean, Nick Allard. The article discussed how his background as an attorney and lobbyist in Washington, D.C. influences his vision for taking the Law School forward as a leading law school in the 21st century.  Read More